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News » Italy deports Tunisian Imam after terrorism connections
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Italy deports Tunisian Imam after terrorism connections

Italy deports Tunisian Imam after terrorism connections

The Italian authorities have deported a 32-year-old Tunisian Imam that was previously convicted of drug dealing and robberies. He was serving a sentence at the Roman Rebbia prison, where he praised the Islamic State and openly celebrated terrorist acts, according to the Italian website Il Giornale.

One of the attacks, the Islamist has vigorously celebrated, was the Berlin Christmas Market attack in December 2016. Where a truck was used against a market’s crowd, killing 12 people and injuring 56 more. The attack was committed by the 24-year-old Tunisian named Anis Amri. Later it was revealed that Anis Amri had been radicalized in an Italian prison, leading to speculation of the Imam’s connections to the attack.

The expulsion order took place after the Imam completed his sentence and was set to be released on the 22nd of August. However, instead he was transferred to a repatriation centre with 3 more Egyptian Nationals that were deemed threats to Italian national security.

With all 4 North Africans being deported last Wednesday 19th of September, in a direct flight from Rome to Cairo, the Italian government takes a tougher approach. Not just on migration, but also when it comes to terrorism offences. Proving Salvini’s efficient and effective measures of putting Italians first, ensuring the safety of his own countrymen.

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