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Islamists Plan To Create a Political Party in Spain to Gain Power

Several Islamic organisations in Tunisia and Morocco order Muslims in Spain to join Spanish political parties to gain political training and experience and eventually to create their own party.

Various Islamic parties and movements in Morocco and Tunisia have been instructing and appealing to followers of Islam in Spain to join political parties, regardless of the ideology, as a way of preparing for the future and to eventually form Islamic parties and movements for the upcoming Spanish elections.

According to sources from the Security and Counter-Terrorism Forces in Spain, the appeal is aimed at young Muslims living in Spain, preferably university students whose education can support the active political participation of Islam in Spain.

The instructions stem from a number of Tunisian political movements and even from the Moroccan conservative party (Justice and Development Party), the winner of the last elections and currently the Moroccan government.

The above mentioned sources also affirm that the Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Entities (FERRI), made up of more than 200 associations, held several meetings in which it was discussed the creation of a Spanish Muslim party, guided by the Islamic movement “Justice and Charity”. Allegedly the last meeting would have been about a month ago in Barcelona. However, the entity has already denied the participation and organisation of any meeting aimed at such topics.

Muslim holding a Spanish flag.

Yet, they acknowledge that in the past year they have received a number of suggestions and requests on the creation of a Muslim political party, but they say they have always been against it by confessing that they are collaborating with existing political parties. “It is not the time to create a political organisation of such characteristics, just as it is not easy to find out who really lies behind these initiatives and what their objectives are.”, they add.

However, the representatives of FEERI recall a similar plan that failed a few years ago, with the creation of PRUNE (Renaissance Party for the Union of Spain). A Muslim party founded in 2010 in Granada by the deceased former vice-president of FERRI. Nonetheless, it only managed to run for municipal elections in some municipalities and eventually it collapsed.

Already at the time, the party opposed the ban on the wearing of the burqa and the Islamic veil in public spaces, and the party leader claimed, as long as he was alive, that in the future “Surely one of our sons, followers of Allah, will be president or government adviser.”

In social networks, it is possible to find profiles that fit the ones that Islamic parties and movements are looking for. It is the case of a Social Sciences student, member of the “Justice and Charity” movement in Catalonia, who is dedicated to “transform society through the Islamic education of individuals, and taking political and social power through democratic means.”

The “Justice and Charity” movement is forbidden by Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, of carrying out activities due to its radicalism. However, it is the political organisation with the most support in Morocco and, in Spain they already have nuclei in all provinces. The Spanish authorities are seeking to learn more about this phenomenon and the movement together with the Moroccan security forces.

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