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Here is Why I watched the Infamous Murder video and Why You Should Too


For the last two days, a terrifying and gruesome video has gone viral on the internet. The short clip was recorded by two of the Islamists guilty of raping and murdering two Scandinavian tourists in their twenties.

I was browsing 4chan when a thread caught my attention, the discussion was about the recent murder of two Scandinavian girls in the Moroccan Atlas mountains. There I found the link containing the infamous video, which I decided to watch from start to finish.

Many people won’t be able to watch it and I do not blame them, it was tough to watch it until the end and it left me trembling with anger, but it’s deeply important to see certain terrible facts with our own eyes.
Here is a description of what happens in the video:

>outside, nighttime, phone/flashlight is on, rocky area 
>she is laying down on her stomach, pants pulled down
>two Arabs standing over her speaking Arabic
>one begins sawing the back of her neck with a long knife
>she exclaims “ow! ow!” before yelling “MOOOOR!” (Danish for “mother”, she is calling for her mom)
>she tried to roll over which only results in the guy sawing the front of her throat 
>blood everywhere now
>the guy filming puts his foot on her face to hold her there
>she meekly reaches up to try and repel the knife wielder sawing through her throat
>moments later her arms go limp as she loses consciousness 
>guy continues cutting until her head is off
>carries it over to the tent and throws it on the ground
>one of them spits on the decapitated head

These girls could have been your daughters, sisters, friends.
Ignoring the problems won’t make them go away, this is what “Diversity” will bring to our homelands, fight back. This video must be watched and shared, the murder recorded shows the brutality and hatred these people feel towards us Europeans, their deaths must not be forgotten and must be avenged.

PC culture and Neoliberalism brainwashed people into believing the world is some kind of rainbow heaven where nothing bad ever happens, these two girls believed that lie and DIED for this.

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