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Meghan Markle: Liberal Hero Collaborates With Cookbook Jihadis


New addition to the Royal Family, supporter of Liberalism and Multiculturalism, found paying visits to mosques with links to Islamist terrorists

Meghan Markle who has also been named the Duchess of Sussex is known for being the girl who married Prince Harry back in the spring of 2018. This marriage was considered a success for Liberals as Meghan Markle, who is of mixed race, got the opportunity to represent people of colour in the British Royal family. This, for the leftists, would show how progressive and multiracial Britain really is.

Meghan Markle has also repeated many of the Leftist soundbites as she is a proud promoter of feminism and has made several speeches at United Nations conferences. She also admitted in an interview that her wedding is ever more spectacular because she comes from a different background to Prince Harry. Furthermore, she has also admitted her love for London because it has become a city of diversity representing people of many backgrounds despite the massive decline of the White British inhabitants.

Meghan Markle has been furthering her involvement with the multicultural community as she has paid visits on several occasions to a mosque also known as the ‘Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre’, situated in West London. This was to prepare a cookbook for the survivors of the Grenfell Tower within the mosque’s kitchen. However it has been revealed even by mainstream newspapers that this mosque has had links to extremist Islamists. These newspapers include the Metro, the Sun and even the Daily Mail which has suddenly become Left wing after the instalment of the new editor, George Greig.

The mosque has had links to 19 Islamist terrorists including Jihadi John and three of the four members of a sub-group of the Jihadis known as the Beatles (due to their English accents). Furthermore the Iman of the mosque, Samer Darwish, has made several comments about women in relation to the ‘religion of peace’. He has appeared on an Islamic TV channel and has mentioned that they should not pray while on their periods, that women who listened to music were at risk of becoming strippers and furthermore, that women should not cry when visiting graves. This might be slightly awkward for Meghan how is a staunch-feminist but like all the other feminists, she fails to call out what is a real oppressor to women and that is Islam. Despite this, her popularity among the mainstream news has not at all dwindled as her cookbook has been poised to become the Christmas bestseller. 










Meghan Markle might be an addition to the British Royal Family but she has not got the interest of the native British people on her side. She follows all of the Liberal religious conducts and has always behaved like she is an important celebrity more than the fact that she has a duty to represent. However it may come as a shock that even mainstream newspapers are reporting on this issue by the new Duchess but maybe it could be possible that some of these writers are just desperate to write a little bit more along the lines of the truth. However reading many of the comments under these newspaper articles online it goes to show that many people are not buying this left wing propaganda anymore.

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