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Italy: Egyptian terrorist affiliated to ISIS arrested in Foggia

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The Italian authorities launched a counter-terrorism operation in southern Italy, which resulted in the arrest of an Egyptian man who appears to be affiliated with ISIS.

According to the investigators, the alleged terrorist was exploiting a local cultural association in order to radicalize Muslims and making ISIS propaganda. The suspect had been under control for weeks and as soon as the local authorities had proof the 58 years old man was making propaganda for ISIS, a unit was sent to take him into custody.

The Egyptian is married to an Italian woman and possesses an Italian citizenship, he used to give lessons to young children in a cultural center called “Al-Dawa”. As you can tell by the name, it has to be some kind of Islamic association and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that an Islamic cultural association has something to do with religious extremism.

One of the main problems brought by Islamic immigration is what we call the creation of a “parallel society”. As we all know what our leaders call “integration” is nothing but a lie and a myth, the Muslims coming to Europe will not integrate and therefore will create these “parallel societies” in which they live the way they want to, where often they get radicalized and convinced to become martyrs by individuals like the Egyptian man arrested and later commit terrorist acts.

In a sane society the creation of these dangerous “parallel societies” wouldn’t be allowed, but will it happen in “occupied” Italy? Lega’s leader Matteo Salvini has been saying it how it is for years, Islam is a threat to the safety and survival of Italy.

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