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A High Street Stalwart Succumbs to Diversity

Most towns & cities in the UK are now fairly indistinguishable. You’ll find the same chain restaurants, £1 shops & ethnic food stores. Go back 10 years and you could always count on finding two of the high street giants, BHS, and Marks & Spencer.

BHS, unfortunately, closed down to falling sales and people’s clothing tastes changing (BHS selling clothes that would be described as modest now). Marks & Spencer has also had the threat of closure due to falling sales, kept open now predominantly by its homewares & food sales. These are two shops, however, where you would find essentially British clothing styles.

Marks & Spencer have now sadly fallen fully into the diversity trap. There has been a lot of interest in its sale of a Burqa aimed at children. Aged 3 & up.

This followed its previous addition of the Burqini, which is basically a Muslim wetsuit.

Naturally, social media has taken hold of this and Marks & Spencer’s so-called media department will no doubt be deaf through the sounds of constant notifications. People from across the world and across all faiths have slammed the company for selling an oppressive item for children too young to understand what it means. It seems Marks & Spencer are happy with children’s social interaction taking a nosedive along with helping the ever-increasing Islamisation of the UK.  It’s well known that women in the Middle East are not fond of being forced to wear the clothing and are regularly seen throwing it off (before being arrested)

Iran.1979. Women protesting being forced to cover their heads

Last month, Yorkshire police in-between policing social media, unveiled a new less revealing Police uniform for Muslim officers. Another case of appeasing a minority.

Take a moment today to let Marks & Spencer know your thoughts on its new product and if you were thinking of getting tonight’s meal from there, remember you’ll funding our continued downfall.



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