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Islam-a-Go-Go: The Islamization of Europe, Vol. III

“In Western countries, dawa aims both to convert non-Muslims to political Islam and to bring about more extreme views among existing Muslims. The ultimate goal of dawa is to destroy the political institutions of a free society and replace them with strict sharia.”—Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Of the many disturbing trends of the mass migration of hostile Moslems into Christendom, one of the greatest may be the increasing intractability of hard-line Islam amongst those who, we are told, represent “The New Europeans.” Far from integrating, each successive generation of Moslems in Europe has become less Western and more antagonistic, and their numbers continue to swell courtesy of constant reinforcements from Africa and the Middle East. As the pressure to integrate and assimilate declines due to both the unwillingness of the host nations to foster the conditions whereby this is a necessity, and due to the creation of “No-Go Zones” which represent a re-creation of the societies the so-called “migrants” are “fleeing,” the dominant culture of the host nation invariably gives way to those of these new micro-nations of Morocco or Turkey or Afghanistan within the host nation’s borders; the norms of the old nation are not left behind in favor of Europe’s impotent neo-liberal “tolerance,” but rather in this vacuum of positive identity, sharia is rigidly enforced while the host nation stands by and does nothing, or worse: as Yves Mamou reports, in France:

The same government that wants to deport Japanese investors has accepted 100,000 migrants from Sub-Saharan and Northern Africa just in 2017, most of them with no skills and no money. The same government that wants to deport the Japanese creators of a spectacular new wine in France is about to release from prison an Al Qaeda terrorist, Djamel Beghal, linked to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015… From now to the end of 2019, the justice minister announced, France is poised to release 50 Islamic terrorists and 450 radicalized prisoners from their cells.[1]


The situation in France is completely out of control. There are millions of illegal weapons circulating in the country, and according to one source, an alliance between Jihadis and “migrant” gangs could prove catastrophic:

The question is not the threat, the question is our capacity to fight back. At present, we have no preparation or capacity to strike back at such a possible alliance…Half a million people are working for the Salafists or the drug dealers. If 10% of that 10% make an alliance with jihadis, it represents an army of 50,000 soldiers. The police are not able to fight an internal enemy like that.


A number of recent surveys confirm the trend of growing “Islamization.” In the Austrian city of Graz, a survey of local asylum seekers, predominantly of Afghani extraction (and mostly male of course) found that every single individual was in favor of preserving “traditional Islamic values.” What’s more, half of the respondents stated that Islam played a larger role in their new lives in Europe than in their old lives in Afghanistan and elsewhere. In another survey, 43% of British Moslems responded that they want sharia to supplant common law. In a Dutch report, over a ten-year period from 2006-2015, the percentage of Moroccan Moslems who “strictly adhere to Islam” increased from 77% to 84%, and for Turkish Moslems, it was from 37% to 45%. 78% of all Moroccan women in the country said they wear the hijab (as opposed to 64% in 2006). Even more disturbing, only 7% of Turkish Moslems and 2% of Moroccan Moslems identified as “secular.” A Danish poll covering the same time period found that the number of Moslems who believed in following the Koran literally increased from 63% to 77%. Judith Bergman reports:

According to a 2014 study of Moroccan and Turkish Muslims in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Sweden, an average of almost 60% of the Muslims polled agreed that Muslims should return to the roots of Islam, and 65% said that Sharia is more important to them than the laws of the country in which they live…75% thought there is only one interpretation of the Koran possible.[2]


How is this supposed to square with the European Union’s project of post-national secular liberalism? The answer is it’s not and it won’t.

Far from integrating, the Moslem “migrants” pouring into Europe have every intention of dominating. If we don’t fight back, the question in fifty years will be how well the kafir of Europe are adapting to life under sharia law. One thing is certain, though: as it stands, these “migrants” are far more valuable to both the individual governments of the West and to the globalist neo-liberal world order than their own people are. From an OECD January 2017 report:

Switzerland, for example, provides to cantons CHF6 000 per refugee, earmarked for refugee integration. The United Kingdom developed time-dependent transfers, which decline with the number of years that have passed since a refugee arrived in the country. Transfers to local governments are provided over a four-year horizon, tapering from GBP5 000 per person in their second year in the United Kingdom, to GBP1 000 per person in the fifth year. In France, the ministry of interior provides a lump sum of €1 000 per asylum seeker to municipalities, to support the development of new reception facilities for asylum seekers… In Belgium and the Netherlands, despite their compulsory dispersal keys, one of the biggest challenges is that the concentration of refugees in urban areas, which may create a disproportionate burden to their social welfare systems in the medium and long term.[3]


The German government spends an average of $48,000 per migrant in housing subsidies and entitlements, a sum greater than the average annual German salary. Sweden spends $58,490 per refugee per year whereas the average annual income in Sweden is $41,000. Almost a full quarter of the Danish budget goes toward its “migrants.” In European-settled Canada, from 2005 and 2009, IRFAN-Canada transferred approximately $14.6 million worth of (tax-payer) resources to various organizations associated with Hamas. I doubt that loyalty will be repaid in the coming caliphate.





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