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Internal police investigation highlights Europe’s anti-white movement

“Long time no see”. “Sold down the river”. “Hip Hip Hooray”.
These are all phrases that everyone has probably used at one point in their adult lives. However in 2018’s politically correct, hysterical, anti-white Europe, all of these phrases are now considered racist or have prejudiced origins and  are therefore unacceptable to speak out loud.

This has been amplified to a new level, by groups like “4chan”, who promote words, phrases and items which have racist origins, such as milk and the “ok” symbol. These are of course attempts to troll people who are likely to believe that everything in western society has a racist meaning. Fortunately most people have the common sense to ignore these social pressures, whereby they are being forced to live an ever more politically correct existence, under the constant threat of the destruction of their reputation.

However this pathogen does not just exist online, in the areas of social media, but it has worked its way down into public and private businesses and organisations. Every day, there are new scandals on the news, about a celebrity or public figure, being ousted for having typed or spoken words and phrases that are no longer considered acceptable. They are hounded by individuals on social media. Newspapers write articles which can end their ability to gain employment in certain fields. Ultimately, the issues have reached the point where you either make your own way in the world, or you toe the line, so that you can exist within the social political hierarchies of Western civilisations.

Unfortunately, the law has now been contaminated by the politically correct pathogen, meaning that Orwell’s 1984 novel is rapidly approaching reality.
On the 14th of September, a senior police officer in the Metroplitan Police, was reported to be at risk of being sacked for racism, having allegedly used the phrase “whiter than white”, in a briefing to his officers. This was to reinforce the necessity for police officers to conduct themselves in a way that is above reproach. It seems that someone within Scotland Yard, took offence to the use of the phrase and reported the officer, sparking an internal investigation.
Regardless of whether this phrase is deemed to be criminal, the police will take it upon themselves to conduct an internal enquiry to decide whether this phrase is racist, and worthy of an officer losing his job.

This sets a dangerous precedent for our society in the future. The establishment is utilising hate speech laws, to convict an ever increasing number of people, for words that have been spoken out loud or written online. We may be approaching a point, where anything deemed to be even slightly intolerant or hateful, will land an individual with a criminal record and therefore exiled from society. Context is no longer relevant when it comes to deciding whether someone has said something racist.

With migrants streaming into Europe unchecked and unchallenged, the daily murders of white South African farmers and mandatory numbers of ethnic minorities in organisations, it would seem that this latest attack on words and phrases is only going to reinforce the new reality: that white people in Europe, are no longer welcome in their own society.



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