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Biology as Egalitarian Monkey-Wrench: Intelligence as an Indicator of Wealth and Criminality


A recent study in the United States found that blacks from the top 1% of household income are statistically as likely to commit crime as whites from an average household income of $36,000. So much for the poverty-drives-crime narrative. Arthur Jensen in his 1998 book The g Factor, cited data which showed that, regardless of race, people with IQs between 70 and 90 have higher crime rates than people with IQs below or above this range, with the peak range being between 80 and 90.

American blacks, incidentally, have an average IQ of 85. Using this framework, we can actually deduce, strictly in statistical terms, why crime is higher in certain areas and among certain populations than others. If American blacks are smack dab in the middle of the “peak crime” range, then their overrepresentation really has nothing to do with “systemic racism,” but is simply the by-product of a biological reality.

Fewer Hispanics/mestizos commit crimes than blacks, fewer whites commit crimes than Hispanics/mestizos, and fewer Asians commit crimes than whites. Each successive group has a higher IQ than the one before. Incidentally, and I’ve done this analysis over at my blog, earning potential is also directly correlated to IQ, which again explains disparity much more effectively than “systemic racism.”[1]


Some of the major races/ethnicities in the United States:

  • Ashkenazi Jews: IQ 110, Median Income $97,500
  • Northeast Asians (including Mongolians): IQ 105, Median Income $76,260
  • Whites: IQ 100, Median Income $60,256
  • Mestizos/Hispanics: IQ 90, Median Income $42,491
  • “African-American” Blacks: IQ 85, Median Income $35,398

Of course much greater minds than I have tested and confirmed this hypothesis in the persons of Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen in their IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2002) and IQ and Global Inequality (2006). The basic thesis—that IQ is an important, though not singular, factor in wealth accrual and economic growth—does much to dispel the notion that the West has enriched itself on the noble and innocent broken backs of the Third World.

Nations such as Germany, Sweden, and Switzerland, with little to no colonial history, have very large GDPs, so the argument that wealth in the West is purely the result of pillaging the globe is clearly inaccurate. A quick glance at the relationship between GDP and human capital in the form of cognitive horse-power (IQ) provides us with a good frame of reference (per the International Monetary Fund’s 2017 estimates for GDP; GDPs US$MM):

  • The Gambia: 1,038 GDP / 66 IQ
  • Guinea-Buisseau: 1,295 GDP / 67 IQ
  • Central African Republic: 1,992 / 71
  • Djibouti: 2,082 / 68
  • Liberia: 2,140 / 67
  • Barbados: 4,821 / 80
  • Haiti: 8,360 / 67
  • Equatorial Guinea: 10,069 / 59
  • Qatar: 166,346 / 78
  • Belgium: 491,672 / 100
  • Germany: 3,651,871 / 100
  • Japan: 4,884,489 / 105


There is a strong correlation, but, as Edward M. Miller states:

“IQ explains part of the differences in national product, but only part. The natural question is what explains the part of national income that is not explained by the level of national intelligence, the residuals. Presumably, it is some factor specific to one or more countries…Equatorial Guinea has such a low measured IQ that the regression equation predicts a negative national product. Since this is impossible, it has a large positive residual. Qatar has an income well above expectation; this is probably explained by income from oil production. Barbados has a positive residual; this may also be explained by natural resources (Barbados is a well-located tropical island), which makes possible enough well-paying jobs to raise its income above what it would otherwise be.[2]


Lynn and Vanhanen found that there was a correlation of 0.733 between GDP and national IQ over the eighty-one nations they measured. This means there is a strong correlation; as Dr. Miller informs us, it isn’t the only factor, though it is a strong predictor of economic robustness (along with economic freedom, which becomes much more relevant in nations of over-90 IQs).

We know, for example, that an average IQ of 85 is needed for a group to independently invent agriculture. Capitalism, as a Western export, has done more than any aid or virtue-signaling (or socialism) to alleviate the Third World’s poverty. I’m obviously not saying Westerners invented agriculture; what I am saying is that the export of inventions, innovations, and concepts has had a tremendously positive impact on the world as a whole, and that below a certain threshold of intelligence, the structure of what we call civilization cannot be maintained. When we look at land expropriations in Rhodesia and now South Africa, is it any wonder that native populations with IQs at least one standard deviation—probably two—below whites’ see their productivity and crop yields crater without the technological and agricultural prowess of the hated Pale Face?

Returning to Arthur Jensen’s notion of crime as it pertains to g, if we look at the predominant source of asylum applicants in Europe using the IQ filter, it should come as little surprise that the “migrant” populations in question commit crimes at a disproportionate rate relative to the native population. I’ll start with a pair of case studies from Norway and Finland (credits to the Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention).[3]

Afghanistan has an average IQ of 84, and unsurprisingly, Afghanis are two-and-a-half times as likely as native Norwegians and over five times as likely as native Finns to commit violent crimes; Iraqi “migrants,” average IQ 87, are almost four times as likely as Norwegians and seven times as likely as Finns to commit violent crimes; Iranians, average IQ 84, are twice as likely as Norwegians and six times as likely as Finns to commit violent crimes; Turks, average IQ 90, are almost twice as likely as Norwegians and over six times as likely as Finns to commit violent crimes; and Pakistanis, average IQ 84, are almost twice as likely as Norwegians and over three times as likely as Finns to commit violent crimes.

The two groups that are committing crime out of proportion to their IQ range as predicted by g (general intelligence) are those from what was formerly Yugoslavia (aggregate IQ somewhere in the mid-to-low 90s), and the Somalis (IQ 68), who are almost four times more likely than native Norwegians and seven-and-a-half times more likely than native Finns to commit violent crime. These are the statistical outliers. Once again, however, IQ has proven to be a good, if imperfect, predictor.

Let’s look at a few other Western nations and the relationship between IQ, country of origin, and criminality. With IQs of 68, 84, and 83, respectively, the Angolans, Nigerians, and Algerians have at least a 500% greater crime rate than that of the native Swiss. At an average IQ of 84, Moroccans are dramatically overrepresented in the crime statistics of the Netherlands. Pakistanis, Afghanis, Iraqis, and Bangladeshis (IQ 82) are the most overrepresented groups in terms of criminality in Greece. In Spain, Venezuelans and Colombians, with average IQs of 84, are statistically most overrepresented in terms of criminality. In Italy, it is Nigerians and in Austria it is Afghanis. Brazilians (IQ 87) and the PALOP countries are vastly disproportionate in their crime in Portugal. Obviously these groups are not the only ones committing crime in the various nations listed, but merely represent the most disproportionate share of criminality in said nations.

An understanding of IQ also helps explain why the so-called “migrants” are not attaining the level of success—economic or otherwise—that the managerial “elites” publicly—and incessantly—tell us is their birthright. When the United States military tested IQ, it would not accept anyone with a score lower than 83, which is to say you could not even get blown apart in one of our many misguided foreign interventions with an IQ of 82 or below, yet we expect Somalis and Angolans with average IQs below that of mental retardation (70) to be our next generation of architects and physicists and aeronautical engineers.


You can read more about IQ and the Wealth of Nations here:




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