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Britain: African Immigrant Jailed For Using Voodoo to Traffic Women into Sex Slavery


African immigrant, Josephine Iyamu, aged 51, was jailed on Wednesday this week for trafficking five Nigerian women to Germany to work as prostitutes after she subjected them to a number of bizarre voodoo rituals. The rituals included the victims being ordered to eat the hearts of chickens and drink blood containing worms, and them being cut by a priest and having black powder rubbed into their wounds.

Iyamu, who was based in London and worked for the National Health Service as a nurse, was jailed for 14 years and is the first British citizen to be prosecuted for offences relating to the Modern Slavery Act.

The judge in this case, Judge Richard Bond, described Iyamu as having “a complete disregard for the welfare” of the five Nigerian woman after she sent them to Germany on inflatable boats across the Mediterranean Sea. The women were rescued from the boat and taken to a camp in Italy.

Judge Richard Bond continued:

“You saw your victims not as living breathing human beings but as a commodity to earn you money. You preyed on these five young women and all have been left physically and psychologically scarred by the voodoo rituals they endured. The effect of those ceremonies was to effectively put them under lock and key.”


Iyamu was born in Liberia, West Africa, but became a citizen in Britain in 2009 due to her nursing qualifications. She declared an income of £14,500 in 2016/17, however she was able to spend thousands on international travel and expensive clothing and she had a large, second home in Nigeria.

No expense or publicity was spared by the British media and Crown Prosecution Service in highlighting and sentencing this case. It’s a pity they couldn’t make the same effort for the 1510 victims of sexual abuse in Rotherham. Of course, the media and CPS described Iyamu as British and failed to mention her immigrant status, as you can see from the image and tweet below.


Thank God for immigrants! Coming over here, working in our NHS, using their voodoo to sex traffic people into slavery and then watching the British get blamed for it. Whatever would we do without them?




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