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News » Humanitarian Superpower to Expel Orphan Aged 6 to Ukraine: Europeans Don’t Matter to Sweden

Humanitarian Superpower to Expel Orphan Aged 6 to Ukraine: Europeans Don’t Matter to Sweden

Denis with

As we reported last year, Sweden doesn’t seem to care about humanitarian issues when the victims in question are Europeans. 

When Denis was 5, his mother was found dead in an apartment in Södertälje. A man was arrested at first, but later released later. According to district prosecutor Emma Olsson, there is no longer any suspicion that a crime has been committed, but the investigation is still ongoing.

His Ukrainian father, if he can be called that at this point, has terminated custody, which has made Denis an orphan.

Now the Swedish Migration Agency has decided that the boy will be expelled to Ukraine, which he has never known and where he has no family who can care for him. As a result, he will most likely end up in an orphanage. 

Last year, in November, Denis, along with his mother, applied for a residence permit, but that has since been derailed because of her death.

Now, Denis lives with his maternal grandparents who came to Sweden some six years ago. They have tried applying for adoption, but the Migration Agency has not changed its decision to expel Denis.

“It will be orphanage. He has no family over there”, says Midia Soufi, Denis’ legal guardian. She explains that Denis is in a very vulnerable situation with one parent dead and one who has terminated custody through a Ukrainian court.

Despite his vulnerable situation and the fact that he can be taken care of by his grandparents who want to adopt him in Sweden, still the Migration Agency wants to expel the orphaned child.

Humanitarian superpower indeed.

There is a ‘silent war’ going on between Ukraine and Russia, tragically. Yet we almost never hear about this, especially in the West, strange that. Strange how European leaders care more about complete strangers from a completely different civilisation than their neighbours and their own people.

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