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South Africa: Holiday Resort Attacked by Hundreds-Strong Mob of Armed Blacks

Holiday resort

Guests at a very popular holiday resort in northern KwaZulu-Natal had to be evacuated when an armed mob of around 300 stormed the grounds and vandalised the premises last Friday morning.

The mob of hundreds of people, many of whom were armed with pangas, a type of machete popular in Africa, had pulled down a perimeter fence before swarming the Natal Spa resort near Vryheid.

The mob threatened staff members, warning them to leave their posts or be met with violence. Witnesses say that the angry mob destroyed windows, doors and fridges at the resort’s shop. Reports of cars stoned and signage set on fire…

Guests were evacuated from the resort under guard while police negotiated with the mob… no doubt this was not the kind of excitement the guests were hoping for when they came to the resort…

The manager, Henk Barnard, said that an employment dispute was the reason for the assault.

“It’s a long story, but we are hearing rumours that the crowd was unhappy about the dismissal of certain staff [and] others were unhappy that they are not employed,” he explained.

“They want some of the managers to leave the holiday resort and they had a list of demands that they had compiled on December 14. We obviously were unable to meet these demands and that is why they raided us.” 

Barnard said the guests had not been in danger but had been evacuated as a precaution. No danger at all… thousands of rands in damage to the resort…

“The crowd didn’t do anything inside the resort and they didn’t threaten the guests, but we evacuated them anyway.”

“Police came from Ulundi and dispersed the crowd and made arrests. Things are quiet now but we’re afraid about what is going to happen tonight,” he elaborated.

Many of the staff are afraid of what will happen when the police leave and have asked them to stay.

A taste of what life in South Africa is like.

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