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News » Greek Student Murdered by Three Illegal Immigrants in Botched Robbery
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Greek Student Murdered by Three Illegal Immigrants in Botched Robbery

Greek student murdered by illegals

Although this happened on August 15, people in the wider Continent have barely heard this. This is the heart-wrenching case of a 25-year-old college student from Athens – on a visit home from his studies at a university in Scotland -who was murdered by three illegal immigrants while he was out showing the city to his girlfriend from Portugal.

The three murderers, two Pakistanis and an Iraqi between the ages of 17 to 28, admitted to police that they first attacked the young woman, stealing money, credit cards, a passport and a cell phone from her purse, but when they realised that her phone was “old,” they went for the young man’s phone, threatening him with a knife. When he tried to defend himself and his property, they shoved him and he fell off a cliff to his death, they said in their confession.  After the interrogation, it was revealed that the three killers were wanted for 10 additional robberies in the area.


Imagine thinking a phone or a wallet is more valuable than a life. He was a student, almost done with his studies, and a girlfriend, his life was just beginning. Nikos Moustakas would be alive right now if our borders were secure.


A revealing testimony, which CNN Greece brought forward, shows the savagery of the criminals. 

“As we sat on the rocks, they first caught Nikos, who was closest to them.


I remember that, first I heard a glass bottle break and as I turned to look behind me, I saw the “tall” catch Nikos by his shirt, while the one who had the mustache, the “middle one” as I said, held a small knife in one hand and with the other hand, he also pulled Nikos by the sweatshirt.


Then I heard the short one saying in English: ” Mobile and money .” Nikos told them to calm down and that he had nothing to give them. Almost at the same time, the “short” I told you, came in front of me and started looking for my bag.


He took my bag in his hands and searched it. I think looking for my purse, he grasped everything he had in his hands. The “short” took my wallet, which contained about 60 euros, my passport and cards of Greek and Portuguese banks.


Then I realised that the “tall” had left Nikos for a while and had come back to me. From there, he got my cell phone, an old NOKIA I had in my back pocket. After picking up my cell phone, he returned to Nikos, who saw that he had just stood up and banged with the “middle” while trying to dodge his knife with the cliff at his back.


Then I returned my look to my bag because the short was still looking for it, because he did not think I had better cell phone than what they had already got, saying to me in English: ” Where is your other cell phone“And” the other, the other cell “. I told him in English that I did not have another cell phone while he was still looking.


Then, turning back to see what’s going on, I saw Nikos falling off the cliff and immediately the “middle” and “tall” started running to leave . The “short” when he saw the others running, followed them and they all got away by running along the road that leads to this rock.


I immediately went to the top of the cliff and from there I looked down, maybe I would see Nikos. It was very dark but I was too agitated and could not see it. I was screaming: ” Nikko, Nikko ” but he did not answer me … ‘

The girl, shocked and scared, returned to the location where she was with her boyfriend, and noticed a bag belonging to the perpetrators and who, which had on it their fingerprints and thus the Authorities were able to quickly identify and arrest them.

A tribute to a murdered son and successful student.
A tribute to a murdered son and successful student.

The backlash

In an angry letter to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, members of parliament and the mayor of Athens along with the mother of the victim, accused Tsipras of “criminal negligence” and “complicity” in her son’s murder.

“Instead of welcoming and providing “land and water” to every criminal and dangerous individual with savage instincts,” she wrote, “should the state not think first of the safety of its own citizens, whose blood it drinks daily [economically]? [Should the state] abandon [its citizens] to ravenous gangs, for whom the worth of a human life has less meaning than the value of a cell phone or a gold chain?”

Even though those were the words of a grieving mother, they are sentiments widely felt and expressed throughout Greece, where incidents such as this one are increasingly, heartrendingly, common.

It should not be this way, borders are there to protect the population, and they only way to get that protection is to fight for it and demand it from our leaders. We must see through the lies of the MSM and the Establishment and get the truth out to the populace, to our people!

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