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Government Announces ‘Pathetic’ Brexit Immigration Policy

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A new White Paper on immigration produced by the British government has been roundly criticised in recent days as ‘ineffective’, ‘pathetic’ and essentially reinforcing the status quo. Sajid Javid, Britain’s Home Secretary who is himself the son of Pakistani immigrants, announced the hotly anticipated new policy on Wednesday of this week.

Despite the fantastic opportunity in this field presented by Brexit, it appears government ministers are reverting to type. The new policy is no more restrictive than the current regime, which at present allows more than 600,000 newcomers into the country in any given 12-month period.

Despite all the talk of ‘regulation’, there are an abundance of issues with a policy that isn’t likely to make any substantial difference to the open-door policy we have at present. The following are some key observations that all Brexiteers and patriotic Brits should understand:

  • No cap on immigrants earning over £30,000.00
  • No cap on unskilled migrants until 2025
  • No new measures to curb non-EU immigration
  • The Tories’ ‘tens of thousands target’ has been abandoned
  • No restrictions on chain migration
  • No additional visa requirements

Many of you will recall that in 2010, when David Cameron’s Conservatives took office, they promised to reduce net migration to the ‘tens of thousands’. The timescale within which this target would be met was revised year on year, as minister recognised they had neither the will nor the way to achieve it.

Now, it has been explicitly abandoned, with Mr Javid confirming in a press release that they no longer aimed to reduce net migration to this figure.

Brexit voters will be especially disappointed by the lack of restrictions on unskilled workers entering the United Kingdom. The role of unskilled migrant labour in depressing the wages of native workers was a key issue during the referendum campaign that arguably swayed the balance of public opinion towards ‘leave’.

The only notable change in this area of policy is that unskilled migrants will have to return home after a year… unless their contractual employment exceeded this time, then in which case they will presumably stay. Moreover, pressure group Migration Watch have accurately pointed out that the government has no means by which to ensure these new rules are enforced.

It is also disappointing to note that this new immigration policy will make absolutely no difference to the levels of non-European immigration from the Third World – which currently exceeds 300,000 persons annually.

Quite frankly, this is an insulting policy proposal by a government that was never really serious about reducing immigration. The Tories are ideologically twinned with high levels of net migration, as it is their preferred method for perpetual (read: unsustainable) GDP growth.

Many will be wondering why they bothered voting for Brexit at all.

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