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Germany: 4 Killed as “Refugee” Shelter Burns Down in Pforzheim


4 people are believed to have been killed, whilst another 4 were injured, in a suspected arson attack on a refugee shelter in Pforzheim, north of Stuttgart, Germany.

This is the latest in a string of attacks of this nature against illegal immigrant shelters in Germany, and the second in Pforzheim since the “migrant crisis” began in 2015.

In October 2015, 4 people were injured when a refugee shelter was set ablaze in the same location.

As an organisation, we never advocate violence, but as with the shootings in Italy, the blame for such incidents lies firmly at the feet of Chancellor Merkel and her mendacious migration-advocate accomplices.

When a population is forced to accept something that, A. it didn’t want and, B. it wasn’t consulted on, then one must come to expect that certain segments of the population will take measures to defend their families and communities.

After the wave of sexual violence and terrorism that the establishment migration advocates unleashed across Europe, these arson attacks can hardly come as a surprise.

In 2016, when the migration issues were most prominent, it’s estimated that there were as a many as 10 attacks on migrant shelters or migrants themselves every single day.

In Austria, the number of attacks on refugee shelters – including graffiti and firebombings – increased by 100% between 2015-16.

Our position is clear; we do not want violence on our continent, yet the establishment globalists have created the conditions rife for such incidents.

The blood is on their hands.

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