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Germany: Death by Migrant Doctor

Germany, Westphalia – While mass migration continues to make our streets increasingly oriental, hostile and dangerous for native Europeans, your local hospital might be another place where maladapted brown people with unintelligible accents can threaten your life.

As reported by the Neue Westfälische, the government didn’t actually lie when it promised us that the Third World flotilla of rubber boats would bring thousands of new doctors, engineers and rocket scientists to our shores.

However, local physicians are complaining that the new diversity hires might not have received the same quality of education in their home countries as would be expected from European specialists.

The poor practises of one Libyan gynaecologist have already led to the death of a newborn child in the German town of Westfalen-Lippe, the paper reports.

In another instance, the head injury of a drunk German man turned fatal after an emergency doctor purposelessly directed him (without any further diagnosis) to a psychiatric ward, where he eventually died from brain haemorrhage. Both, the emergency doctor and the psychiatrist in charge have been described as physicians with “foreign degrees and questionable language skills.

While German hospital staff keeps complaining about the insufficient medical education and the poor professional practises of the foreigners they have to entrust with the lives and well-being of their patients, there is little they can do to refuse them employment.

As a matter of fact, hospitals are only allowed to discriminate against foreign doctors if they deem their language skills to be insufficient, but local physicians get no say if they find a Non-European colleague to exhibit poor professionalism.

Instead, those invaluable people, without whom our healthcare industry would presumably collapse (if we were to trust the multiculturalist propaganda), receive their accreditations and permissions to practise medicine from bureaucrats in district governments in Germany, which can not be questioned.

Is it a surprise that our institutions increasingly resemble the Third World the more of its people Europe keeps importing?

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