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Germany: AfD with Second-Most Votes in Recent Poll

As the final decision of the SPD members whether to form a coalition with the Union led by Merkel approaches, the latest INSA poll suggest that Alternative für Deutschland could gather the second-most votes of all German parties with 16 % of the representative votes.



While other polls may still show that SPD could get more votes than AfD, it is a clear indication that the mood of the German people is changing. In face of recent events like Frauenmarsch and the #120db movement and with AfD being the only relevant German party to openly oppose the drastic effects of mass-migration and increasing migrant crime, it must only be a matter of time before the number of votes rise even higher than they are now.

INSA poll (16. - 19.02.2018)
Result of the latest poll by INSA.

The cold sweat of the establishment is shown in the desperate try of SPD pushing their members to vote for the coalition with Merkel by including with the ballot paper a three-page letter in which they praise the coalition contract in very suspicious manner. This coalition is seen as a desperate last chance of Merkel to cling on to power since she always took a stand against a minority government for obvious reasons, but it is well known how much the establishment stand by their words after Martin Schulz, who was then the leader of SPD, promised not to form a coalition with CDU and CSU on the night of Bundestagswahl. This leads to the conclusion that if the members of SPD deny their vote, a re-election would be on the cards.

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