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German Girl Bullied by Muslim Boys, Told: “Wear a Veil and Don’t Tell Them You’re German”


How often do people think to themselves: “This isn’t worth it, if nobody else is going to try or raise their voice and speak up, why should I”? Surely, everyone once had a moment like that. But deep down we all know that doing so is wrong, because if everybody always thought like that, nothing would get done. On the contrary: going forward, leading the way and raising one’s voice against or even for something often inspires other people to follow and do the same.

A very tragic case supporting this thesis has occurred in Germany, where German newspaper ‘Berliner Zeitung’ released an article reporting on religiously motivated bullying in a school in Berlin. The girl, bullied by not one Muslim boy, but multiple Muslim boys, was even threatened by those boys that they would kill her, for the sole reason, the report says, that she’s “not Muslim”.



Germany’s biggest newspaper, Bild, also released an article on it, speaking with a mother whose son was also bullied by Muslims. Following this, several parents all over Germany told their stories to the newspaper, resulting in the exposure of what seems like a pattern, becoming more common as time goes on. This is a quote of a mother of a German girl in Frankfurt/Main:

“My daughter was so massively bullied by Muslim girls in her new school in Frankfurt/Main that we had to get her off that school for her safety. The reasons? She has blonde hair, doesn’t wear a scarf, has a German-Hebrew name – and we are Christians! In fifth grade, her nerves were at breaking point. She had crying fits and massive fear of going to school. She was beaten up and verbally attacked on her way to school.”


As if this wasn’t bad enough, the headmaster replied with the following:

“Your daughter doesn’t need to say she’s German. Besides, you could give her a scarf!”


As to be expected, the school didn’t provide any information regarding the case.

Another one of those cases occurred in Ennepetal in North Rhine-Westphalia. The headmaster sent a letter to all parents, stating that she had a talk with all fourth graders talking about freedom of religion because of “recent happenings”. Something that could get lost in these horrifying events is the senseless attitude of what feels like the vast majority of German people have adopted, shown in one simple sentence also contained in the mentioned letter which roughly says: “Generally, but especially in our school and in its surroundings, we accept all people and show them respect, especially when it comes to the topic of religion, to ensure that we live together without conflict‘. What often gets lost is the fact that a life without conflict is most likely not only a meaningless life, as it basically implies that one stands and/or fights for nothing.

If one tries to create a life in whatever way without conflict, one will get trampled down by those who don’t and quite frankly, Europe and above all Germany has and still is letting in people from cultures who aren’t in any way considerate of this wimpy attitude that has somehow taken over, resulting in the very unsurprising result which we can see today. It is impossible to face this situation by trying and creating a solution that doesn’t somehow hurt other people’s feelings. This, of course, implies that Germany’s and Europe’s politicians want to correct their horrifying decisions they have made over the past several years. Karl Lauterbach for example, a member of Bundestag for the social democrats (SPD), commented a recently released statistic about the birthrates in Germany as follows:

The statistic showed that there were 792,131 births in Germany in 2016 compared to 737,575 in 2015, which raised the overall birth rate to 1.6. What the statistic also showed, is that 25 per cent of those newly born kids’ parents are foreigners, not including of course those with migrant background. He seemed somewhat joyous in commenting that “Germany is becoming more colourful and diverse”.


In light of what is happening in German schools to Germans, or as Merkel would say to “those who have been here for a longer time”, these words can only be a warning.

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