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German Fertility Magazine Promotes Aggressive Miscegenation Agenda

German fertility magazine

The German fertility magazine Adelene has been found to be aggressively pushing the establishment’s miscegenation agenda, research has found.

The magazine, a popular monthly magazine for prospective mothers, publishes online and in print across Germany. The landing page for the magazine’s website,, proudly displays a picture of an African male with a native German woman, as if to suggest this is the normal, typical pairing in modern Germany.

Adelene gained online notoriety recently, after an image was shared of its cover from August 2017. Again, this displays a native German woman with an African “New German” male, as pictured below:

The sickening agenda is quite clear; to aggressively promote miscegenation exclusively between European women and African males, and to gaslight the native peoples of Europe into thinking this to be entirely natural, despite the fact that never before in mankind’s history have races alien to one another mixed in any great numbers.

As you will already know, establishment narratives across the continent have for some time promoted this agenda, despite the fact it has proven time and again to be remarkably unhealthy for both the women involved and any offspring unfortunate enough to be produced as a result.

An interracial relationship between a European woman and an African male is 200% more likely to end in divorce than a relationship between two Europeans. Furthermore, the woman is significantly more likely to be subjected to domestic violence should she be coerced into entering this type of relationship.

Mixed-race children also tend to have higher levels of anger, antisocial behaviour and criminal traits than those of one race, as well as a lower IQ on average than the native European population and a chronic lack of ethno-cultural identity.

It is highly irresponsible and potentially sinister for a fertility magazine, that purports to care about women and families, to be promoting such a clinically harmful practise.

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