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Generation Identity Activists Cover Statues For The #BanTheBurqa initiative

RebeccaFountaininBath - Burqa

The British Identitarians kicked off the #BanTheBurqa initiative by covering numerous Statues with a burqa all around the UK, actions in support of a newly launched petition against Islamization.

GI UK statement on the petition page:

France, Belgium, Austria and most recently Denmark have banned the Burqa, with some going further and banning the Niqab as well. Despite the cries of racism and authoritarianism from left-wing activists and Muslim communities, all of these countries are still free and open democracies. If these countries can build up the courage to do the right thing and ban the Burqa, then why can’t we? There is plenty of public and political support for such a move. In 2016, YouGov found that a majority in each party believed that the Burqa should be banned, and in 2017, they found that a majority of the public (48% in favour/42% against) thought it should be banned.

Theresa May has used the 100-year anniversary of the Suffragette Movement to say that she will continue the legacy of female empowerment created by women such as Emmeline Pankhurst and Millicent Fawcett. We, therefore, ask that she live up to this mission she has set out on and prove that she cares about the liberation of women. Ban these hideous coverings, not only because they are an affront to the progressive values that you hold so dearly, but because they represent the growing societal divisions in our country created by multiculturalism. If we can’t demand that such archaic practices are abandoned upon entering our country, then as these communities grow they will continue to take more liberties for granted. Eventually, you would be able to mistake some places In the UK for areas of Saudi Arabia or Iran. The people support it, the parties support it, therefore the task is simple, The Parliament of the United Kingdom must #BantheBurqa.”

The UK is one of the countries which is suffering the effects of Islamization the most, not just terrorism but a lot of episodes of population replacement, with entire parts of big cities completely lost to muslisms, who then form voting blocks supporting the Labour party which often favors them and facilitates their colonialism.

Banning the Burqa would be a great victory which would probably start new discussions and truly hurt the muslim radical community which would very likely refuse the new law and prove the identitarians right again, showing how coexistence with radical Islam is not possible.

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