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French Police Infiltrated by Islamic Extremists

Paris Muslims Praying in the streets

A research project that was led by two French journalists unearthed what most of us already thought, France Inter reports.

Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, two journalists from the French newspaper LeMonde, assisted five journalism students to conduct research into the migrant populated Seine-Saint-Denis suburb near Paris.

The project took nine months and was published in the book “Inch’allah : l’islamisation à visage découvert (translation: Inch’allah: Islamisation  in the open)”. The book outlines the progress of political and the colonising aspects of Islam in France.

On Wednesday Davet and Lhomme, in an interview with FranceInter, said that the French police are infiltrated by Muslim extremists.

Saint-Denis judiciary police during an organised barbecue with all their other investigators were confronted with their Muslim officers saying: “We don’t want to eat pork and we refuse to eat anything that is touched by women

Like the book outlines, this shows the will of a group of Muslims demanding (read: forcing) the normalisation of Islam and demanding that the native French and the system adjust to their religious (and oppressive) system.

Even the non-native Fadela Benrabia, the Seine-Saint-Denis equality officer, acknowledged the problems as she was heard saying:

In the morning, when we take our kids to school, what is it that we see?

We walk by a corner shop that used to sell kebab that is now closed due to the owner being arrested. Next to the kebab store there is a halal butcher and after that another one, followed by yet another halal butcher. And to finish the streak, is followed by a store that sells Islamic books and niqabs.

Entire neighbourhoods are now halal.

Fadela Benrabia

It’s safe to say that parts of Paris have been completely taken over by Muslims. Which the population represents, as it has been reported that of Seine-Saint-Denis’s population of 1.5 Million is 50% Muslim.


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