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France: Anti-White Rapper Calls for Hanging of Whites

A France based rapper of African origin released a new song in mid September, with an explicit title : «  Hang the whites » or P.L.B standing for « Pendez les blancs » in french. The video initially went almost unoticed and finally ended up being largely shared and commented on September 26. The rapper has since removed the video from his YouTube channel. Too late however, since the clip has already been downloaded and shared. It can still be found here :

The lyrics are extremely violent and contain explicit calls to violence against whites, adults and children alike, here are some :

«  I enter day care centers, I kill white babies »

« Catch them quickly and hang their parents »

« Spread them apart to pass the time, to entertain black children of all ages young and old »

« Whip them hard, do it frankly »


« Let these filthy fruits provide a fascinating show »


« Take away from them all humanity »

« So that they become nothing but objects without souls from now on »


« Hang white people, hang white people »

« Hang them now »

The poorly written tune then ends with disturbing images of a white man being tortured and killed by two armed black men. During the last seconds of the clip, a quote from Malcom X appears on the screen : « Freedom is something that you have to do for yourself , the price of freedom is death ».

The author of this hateful song, a rapper called Nick Conrad, isn’t popular or well-known in France, however it has been found he participated in a very popular fundraising effort for Telethon back in 2011. Telethon aims to help fight against myopathy and other diseases, and it raises millions of euros every year thanks to concerts broadcasted on French T.V. It appears Nick Conrad gave a concert for a state-owned T.V channel called France Ô, 7 years before he wrote this horrific tune… The video in question can be seen here.

Thankfully, his song calling for the hanging of whites has caused an uproar in France. An anti-racist association, usually known for its focus on hate crimes on ethnic minorities, condemned the song and said they were going to file a complaint for « hate crime ». Moreover, the Parisian justice court opened an inquiry for «  stirring up racial hatred » against the rapper. We will follow the process closely and keep you informed.


The French interior minister also issued a statement, and said his services would take down the song anywhere it was posted on. The mayor from the city he filmed the clip in denounced the rapper, also the latter initially said he had the support of the city council in his video profile.

Nick Conrad has been approached by the media for a comment, and said his song « Hang the whites » wasn’t a call for hate and that he was in fact not advocating for violence.

It appears he is the son of a diplomat and comes from an upper middle class family.

The white actor featured in the clip is an impoverished model who sells his appearances in fame-lacking videos. In order to protect him from eventual attacks or harassment, we will not publish his modelling web-page.

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