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Finance Minister: ‘Sweden doesn’t need foreign cleaners’

Swedes before foreign job-seekers

The Swedish Finance Minister has said that it is time for the country to change labour migration policy and that it should be much harder for foreign non-EU immigrants to move to Sweden for low-skilled work.

“Considering we have lots of new arrivals who need to enter the job market, I don’t see any need for cleaning staff or dish-washers from other continents as labour migrants,” Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson said on Monday to Svenska Dagbladet

Last year, some 15,500 people from non-EU countries received work permits in Sweden. About a third of those moved for jobs which required less than tertiary level education, reports the Swedish Migration Agency.

“Within the areas where Sweden needs skills; doctors for example, or data engineers, there should be good possibilities for labour migration,” the minister pointed out. “On the other hand, I find it hard to see why we should have the most generous rules in the OECD for unskilled labour migration.” There are only ideological reasons, low skilled immigration hurts the economy and puts an unnecessary strain on the system.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, a fellow Social Democrat, has also called for changes to the labour migration rules, saying in a speech last February that jobs requiring little or no education should be filled first and foremost by unemployed people already in Sweden. “It is unreasonable that thousands of people come to Sweden each year to do jobs that unemployed people in Sweden could do.” Really, Sherlock? Good assessment. This is a good first step, but much more work needs to be done.

Both politicians faced criticism from Sweden’s other heavyweight parties, with Jonas Sjöstedt, the leader of the Left Party, comparing Löfven’s comments to the rhetoric of the far-right Sweden Democrats. It’s a step in the right direction, definitely. It is the duty of a government to protect it’s citizens. Swedes come before foreign job-seekers.

Source: The Local

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