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South Africa: Farm Murders, A Deafening Silence

“South Africa is at a precipice”. Those are the words of Janice Atkinson, an independent Member of the European Parliament. Witnessing the Black Monday protests in South Africa, sparked by the brutal farm attacks and murders of white farmers in the country, Janice requested an emergency debate in the European Parliament. They declined her request. She then set out to organize, and hosted, a conference together with The Movement of Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF) in an effort to bring about awareness regarding the atrocities taking place.

Since 1994, the post-Apartheid South Africa has slowly become a dysfunctional, undemocratic, corrupt society. Why is the EU and other Political leaders silent on the subject? Why did the EU ignore Janice Atkinson’s request to debate? They condemned Apartheid and backed sanctions in the 1960s – 1990s. They were very much involved during the transition process at the end of Apartheid and spent millions of Euros to help the ANC into power and steered the process.

But now, with a clear indication of reversed Apartheid against the white minority they look the other way. Are some human rights more important than others? Will acknowledging the atrocities taking place in South Africa against the white minority be in direct contrast to their multicultural, open border utopia they are pushing in Europe? What is happening in South Africa is very concerning and yet there is barely a word heard in the mainstream media.

Looking at racially discriminating programs like Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Affirmative Action (AA), targeted specifically to promote black employment, many whites are refused employment because of the colour of their skin, regardless of their skills. This has led to many skilled whites leaving the country and caused many others that do not have the privilege of leaving to end up in white squatter camps.

One simple example of this racially discriminating programs is the court case of former police officer Renate Barnard. A new promotion position for the rank of superintendent opened. Renate Barnard together with six other applicants responded to the advert. The applicants were interviewed by a panel of senior police officers. Renate Barnard earned 86.67% which was the highest score amongst the applicants. The panel recommended her as the number one candidate.

The Divisional Commissioner declined the recommendation because she was white and would not represent racial demographic. He decided the position should remain unfilled. Six months later the same position was advertised. Renate Barnard again applied and again she was recommended as the best candidate. She was denied the post a second time because she was white. The position was advertised for a third time, and once she applied for the third time, the decision was taken to not continue with the process and to scrap the position so that there will not be any appointment made.

Recently the South African parliament voted yes on a motion to expropriate white owned land without compensation and amending the constitution in the process to do so. Many white property owners woke up to the harsh reality that it will ultimately lead to the expropriation of all land and not just that of the agricultural sector – a house in a town or city will be affected too.

This motion that was accepted in parliament is a direct violation of the historical 1994 agreement, one that was made under the leadership of now President Cyril Ramaphosa, who acted as Chief Negotiator for the party back then. The ANC gave the undertaking to minorities that their interests would be protected in the new South Africa.

This followed after years of terrorism on the white farming community. In 2017 there were 463 farm attacks. That is 1.3 attacks a day. One farmer was murdered every 3.8 days, accumulating to 94 farm murders. In January 2018 there were already 41 attacks and 5 murders. A 71% increase from January 2017.

In these farm attacks people are tortured until they die, woman are raped for hours on end while their husbands are forced to watch, people’s heads are crushed and they are set alight, electrical drills are used to drill holes in their feet after they’ve already been tortured in other ways. Simply put, it is more than twice as dangerous to be a farmer as a policeman in South Africa, and a farmer is almost four times more likely to be murdered than the average South African. This is the shocking and uncomfortable truth of farm murders.

Since the dawn of the new South Africa there were more than 3000 farm murders and over 24 000 farm attacks. These farm attacks includes, rape; torture; mutilation. Since former President Thabo Mbeki did away with the commando farm protection system in 2003, it was never replaced by any equivalent form of protection despite the usual glib and insincere ANC promises. The row and row of white crosses at Treurgrond bear mute testimony to what some perceive as the inevitable consequences of a deliberate policy decision.

The South African government stopped keeping separate statistics on farm murders and incorporated it with the rest of the countries crime statistics, labelling it as normal crime and refusing to prioritise it. Firstly how anyone can use normal and crime in the same sentence eludes my mind.

Once a society start to perceive crime as normal it is lost. There is a very unique theme to farm attacks and murders that beckons more insight than merely labelling it as normal crime. The amount of hate that goes into these attacks is clear. You don’t break into someone’s home because of poverty to steel food or money, but then find the time to torture and rape the occupants for two days.

It is not normal crime when Attie Potgieter a 40 year old farmer was stabbed 151 times in front of his 2 year old daughter Wilmien and his 36 year old wife Wilna. Lying dead in a pool of blood little Wilmien ran from her mother over to her dead father, the attackers picked her up by her hair and executed her by shooting her through the head, after which they killed Wilna.

It is not normal crime when you look at the Swanepoel family in Bloemfontein where the investigating officer Kobus Coetzee told the court that the couple were tied to a single bed and tortured for hours, the men took turns raping the wife while her husband was forced to watch.

It is not normal crime if you look at the Schutte family in KwaZulu Natal, Misses Schutte’s head was crushed with a heavy object and all three victims where set on fire. It is not normal crime if you look at Dan Knight also from KwaZulu Natal, he and his partner was attacked in their home by a gang of five men, and Knight was beaten to death with hammers while his partner was forced to watch.

It is not normal crime when you look at Nicci Simpson, she was tied to a chair, and the attackers smothered her with a plastic bag, cut her wrists, broke her ribs, smashed her knee and then drilled holes in her feet using an electric drill. It is not normal crime when a farmers testicles were cut out, cooked and eaten by his attackers. These are but a few examples of the horrific, ISIS style atrocities. There are many more such examples, too many to mention here.

On the morning of March the 4th 2018, master farmer Dirk Steenkamp was senselessly executed outside his home. This attack follows ongoing racist remarks being made towards the white community by Marxist political leaders. Standing on podiums and inflaming their followers with hatred. They are allowed to say and sing hateful, racist rhetoric with no consequences. They are also running a propaganda campaign, blaming the white Afrikaners of stealing everything from the black majority, and the biggest lie of them all is land.

The false notion that whites stole the land in South Africa is a baseless, unproven myth, a myth used by political leaders to push the expropriation of land without compensation. These statements are irresponsible and reckless, it leads to polarisation of people and amounts to incitement of violence. Certain individuals use these racist statement from political leaders as justification for attacking and murdering the white community. History shows that in countries where minorities have been tyrannised by the majority, everything started with statements that made these minorities the scapegoats and insulted them.

EFF members who displayed placards that carried racist messages at its launch against White farmers promoting farm attacks.
EFF members who displayed placards that carried racist messages at its launch.

All of this is happening in the rainbow nation, the multicultural utopia. Under the black majority, the white minority have lost all their rights. They are being openly targeted and discriminated against.

A small, unique minority in South Africa, one you will not find anywhere else on earth needs the support of ordinary citizens across the world, to help them spread the word of these injustices, to tell their story of the slow and systematic genocide taking place against them. This is a group that didn’t arrive on a boat, they came into existence in South Africa. Their language was born in South Africa, it was named after the continent. They build themselves into something from nothing. They don’t deserve to vanish into silence.

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