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South Africa #FarmList: Leaked List Shows Farms To Be Targeted For Expropriation Without Compensation


A list of farms in South Africa that are to be targeted for land expropriation without compensation has been revealed this week, according to AfriForum. AfriForum are currently in the process of urging farm owners to check the list of alleged expropriation targets to see if they are one of the 190 farms.

South Africa’s Land Reform Minister, Nkoana-Mashabane, has said that no such list exists. Nkoana-Mashabane has however changed her tune from a few months ago when she admitted that the targeted farms had in fact been selected.

Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO of AfriForum explains that AfriForum received the list from a credible source and insists that the list is authentic. The list, he adds, is currently being circulated in the South African Department of Land Reform.

It is not confirmed yet whether this is the final list and whether a decision has been made about how to set the land expropriation plan in motion. Roets insists that the South African government won’t wait for the constitution to be changed before setting the plan in motion, adding that Nkoana-Mashabane has admitted on record at a press conference that there is a list and that she didn’t want the list to be made public because she doesn’t want the targeted farmers to be prepared for what they will face.

Click here to see the list of 190 farms.

Below is a 13-tweet thread and a video with some more information.

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