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EU Funds Turkey Border Wall, Leftists Silent


Last week the news was announced that Turkey has completed its border wall with Syria, expressly aimed at combating the illegal flood of people through its previously porous Eastern border.

Despite them being the loudest proponents of the globalist “bridges not borders” ideology, the European Union contributed an eye-watering €80 million towards this project.

The wall is 3 metres high and equipped with a range of technological features, including thermographic cameras.

Turkey has been flooded with over 2 million refugees since the start of the Syrian Civil War, making this border security measure a welcome addition to Turkey’s frontier defence.

Demonstrating how border security should be enforced, the Turkish Army routinely fires on illegal immigrants attempting to breach its Eastern front.

The European Union now has questions to answer over its criticisms of Hungarian Premier Viktor Orbán, who, in recent years, ordered the building of a razor-wire fence along its external borders.

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