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EU Pays 6k Euros For Every Migrant Rescued

Member States that accept a migrant receive 6,000 euros from the European Commission and the country of shipment receives 500 euros.

It is the new proposal of the European Union to try to solve the constant arrival of migrants to the countries of Southern Europe. Member States within the EU willing to receive migrants will receive from the community budget 6,000 euros per migrant. Another 500 euros will be given for each asylum seeker, to the migrants origin countries for “travel expenses”. The intention was advanced by the Financial Times and confirmed on the 21 of July by the European Commission, in a press release.

The plan follows in response to the closure of Italian ports and borders to migrants and the refusal by the governments of Hungary and Poland to integrate and host them. The EU also plans to fund processing centers for asylum seekers.

The Financial Times concludes that Spain will probably be “the biggest beneficiary” of the payment of 6,000 euros per migrant, taking into account that last week alone it welcomed 1,200 African migrants. The Netherlands, Portugal, Malta and France are also on the list of the Financial Times as countries that will benefit the most economically from the subsidies.

Hundreds of migrants aboard a fishing boat arriving Europe.

As regards processing centres for asylum seekers, the agreement reached at the June summit envisages the creation of migrant processing centres within the EU and offshore platforms, but no country has so far installed any of them.

The European Commission intends to start the pilot experiment of a controlled processing center as soon as possible. The EU spokesman announced the plan explaining that it seeks “a truly shared regional responsibility to respond to the complex challenges of migration,”

These shocking measures are repugnant in view of the fact that the community fund is supposed to contribute to the social and economical cohesion of the Member States and thereby reduce regional asymmetries within the EU, as countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, etc., show considerable contrasts in economic and financial terms compared to Germany or France. This project once again reveals the hypocrisy of the EU towards the recent member states which, since entering the EU, have faced various difficulties in their economies and more recently at the social and cultural level with the refugees and migration crisis affecting the societies of the different European countries.

In addition, this new EU plan is formalised in a week in which two member states, Sweden and Greece, are being heavily fired and have serious weaknesses in combating them. Besides, the fires are seriously contributing to the economic and financial decline of these countries, especially in Greece.

These attitudes, along with the recent problems facing the EU, have reflected at the grassroots level with the growth of Eurosceptic political parties and political voices and with the rise of Euroscepticism itself, which is the result of the popular uprising and despair towards the current EU governmental incapacity and the imposition of absurd measures and projects that have serious impacts on Europe’s most economically fragile countries.

EU flag burning.

Increasingly, it seems that the real objective of the EU is to fulfill the Kalergi Plan and to destroy the European identity and the European peoples.

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