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Enoch Powell: Why They Hate Him

Enoch Powell

John Enoch Powell MBE or, Enoch Powell as he came to be best known, was once a towering figure of British politics. By the end of his political career, he was hated by the left and right in equal measure for his stances on controversial issues such as race, race relations, immigration and Europe. However, this hatred was born mainly in the corridors of Westminster and did not translate into public opinion (well, at least not until the lügenpresse poisoned the minds of a generation). Now, thanks to the educational brainwashing of the British people along with the media’s mendacity, Enoch Powell is considered almost as a boogeyman of our politics, with anybody who dares to speak of immigration constantly frightened they may be compared to him.

The level of hatred that the political classes felt for Powell highlights a key issue in British politics, namely that politicians and their media accomplices are afraid of the truth. It is this fear that drives their hysterical responses to one who might dare tell it. This is why objective thinkers such as Mr Powell are attacked so viciously, because they, unlike the majority of politicians, do not bend the truth to match their world view, but rather their world view is shaped by the truths that they consume. This is a dangerous quality in the eyes of the Orwellian elite running this country.

And of course, there were none with a more objective mind than Enoch Powell. This can be shown quite easily with the common attack line used by the left against his politics, which was that he supposedly jumped on the xenophobic bandwagon and used the immigration line for political points. This is not true, but the theme of their point remains useful. They say that this man was an opportunist because after the second world war, he campaigned for non-white commonwealth citizens to come and work in Britain, yet as his career progressed he began to argue for them to be sent home. This is not an opportunist change in position, however, but rather the product of a political and intellectual journey on which a man grew to have a totally different opinion based on the truths as he saw them.

Perhaps a man of lesser intellectual capabilities could be accused of political opportunism, but not Enoch Powell and his detractors know this. Enoch Powell was no mindless demogogue; this was a man nicknamed ‘the professor’ at age three, who began reading ancient Greek literature aged 5, who graduated with a double starred first in Greek and Latin  from Cambridge University and who became a professor of Greek at Sydney University aged 25, as well as being a published poet and being able to speak Urdu, Welsh, Greek and Latin, amongst other languages. There can be no doubt that Enoch Powell was a genius of the highest order, yet this proved to be almost a hindrance to him at the height of his political career.

This is precisely why he was hated so vehemently. It is easy to attack those of a lesser intellect who speak of issues around race and migration because they so often fit the stereotype that the elitist clique wish to portray, yet when a man of such esteem talks about these things, they have a totally different proposition on their hands.

However, it was precisely his ability to shift his opinion based on new information that makes him immune from attacks in a rational world. Yes, he did in fact encourage immigration from the commonwealth after the second world war, as he saw that Britain had a labour shortage that would harm our economy if it were not rectified. Powell had not seen mass-immigration in action before, so had no prior experience to draw from that would have enabled any greater foresight.

When he saw how this migration worked out in practise, his opinions on the matter began to change based on the evidence before his eyes, as well as the need to represent the interests of his constituents. You see, unlike the majority of politicians, Enoch Powell did not view his constituents with contempt but rather he took their opinions seriously and gave their evidence the same credit as he would that which he saw with his own eyes. He saw ghettos emerging in and around our cities where immigrants refused to integrate, he saw immigrant communities demand rights over and above those of the native population, he heard countless stories of British constituents unable to get hospital beds, unable to get work and hounded out of their streets thanks to the demands of third world immigrants. He realised that something had to change.

He came to believe that the issues of race and race relations would lead to violence, and rather than use this for popularity (it gained him none amongst his peers), he used his voice to persuade change in order to prevent what is now inevitable:

“It is the belief that self-identification of each part with the whole is the one essential pre-condition of being a parliamentary nation, and that the massive shift in the composition of the population of the inner metropolis and of major towns and cities of England will produce, not fortuitously or avoidably, but by the sheer inevitabilities of human nature in society, ever increasing and more dangerous alienation.”

Enoch Powell, 1967.

His detractors are different. The political classes on both the left and right of British politics wish to brush these issues under the carpet, bury their heads in the sand and use pseudo-science to justify their biased points of view. They do not accept the reality, but instead wish to live in this fantasy world where all the evidence and scientific reasoning that support the arguments of people like Mr Powell does not exist. It is this intellectual laziness and stubborn will to hold onto provably incorrect world views that are the source of the hysterical attacks against Mr Powell and others like him.

This is why they hate him.

Unfortunately, the media are right about one thing; that we live in a post-truth society. However, they do not realise that it is they, as accomplices of the political elite, who are sustaining this world of lies. They have created whole new areas of pseudo-science and incorrect schools of political thought just to continue this fantasy world that they have built around them and by doing so, have enslaved the populations of nations within them.

It is this fantasy world that will prove to be the death of our civilisations and sadly, there is no room in this world for the truths and evidence based reasoning of decent men like Enoch Powell.

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