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‘There’s Never Been an Eastern Europe Without Islam’, Says Jewish Commentator

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According to Jacob Mikanowski, an “American” Jewish journalist for the New York Times, there has never been an Eastern Europe without Islam.

In fact, this “journalist” asserts that Eastern Europe was built on multiculturalism and ethno-cultural diversity.

In his essay “A Silver Thread: Islam in Eastern Europe“, Mikanowski asserts that ‘militant Islam’ was a central force in the development of Eastern Europe. He proceeds with an interestingly manufactured pseudo-historical analysis littered with half-truths and vast inferences in an attempt to justify his position.

On the surface, this appears to be yet another example of a representative of the Liberal Media taking an opportunity to attack the history of our European states.

Further inspection of the source, however, demonstrates a sinister ulterior motive.

Mikanowski is descended from Eastern European Jews. But not just any Jews. In a semi-biographical essay written for the New York Times, he fondly describes his great-grandfather Solomon’s role in the Bolshevik revolution in Russia of October 1917 and subsequent position as a judge in the Revolutionary Soldiers’ Court in Vitebsk, Belarus.

Even more fondly, Mikanowski continues to the predominant feature of the essay; his grandfather and Solomon’s son, Jakub.

Jakub, we’re told, was born in 1912 and grew up in Warsaw, where he and his sisters were active members of the Communist Youth League (surprise, surprise). In 1939, Jakub was drafted into the Polish Army, only to be captured by the Germans. Miraculously, despite the Einsatgruppen’s alleged ethnic cleansing of Polish POW, he escaped!

He then went east to Minsk, USSR, leaving most of his family behind to fend for themselves. In the Soviet Union he worked various odd jobs, finally finding himself transporting wounded soldiers from the front as the Germans invaded. Would you believe it: he was captured again!

However, in a startling twist of fate, Jakub escaped German captivity… again! One might begin to question the validity of Germany’s reputation for efficiency and clinical precision?

Following this adventure, Jakub fought as a guerrilla along with other Soviet citizens, attacking German positions. During this time, perhaps in 1942, he applied for membership of the Communist Party. He was subsequently accepted.

In 1945, as Poland was liberated from German occupation by the Red Army, Jakub wasted no time in asserting himself as a prominent Communist activist. He was initially involved with the Society of Soviet-Polish Friendship, before officially joining the ominously named Ministry for Public Security – the Stalinist Secret Police.

Here, Mikanowski describes with fondness how Jakub and his Stalinist buddies ‘jailed the opposition and silenced critics’.

Jews were vastly over-represented at the Ministry for Public Security, just as they were in the Russian equivalent under the NKVD. Despite only accounting for 0.4% of Poland’s post-war population, Jews filled 37.1% of director’s posts in the MPS!

Mikanowski considers himself an expert on Eastern European history, talking fondly of his family’s love affair with Stalinist Bolshevism.

Is it at all surprising that he spends his time writing subversive pseudo-history pushing the internationalist diversity agenda?



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