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Self-Defence Gun Ban…in South Africa

gun ban

The South African Parliament may soon adopt a law forbidding South Africans from obtaining firearm licences for the purpose of self-defence. A flat out gun ban. If a leaked draft copy of the Firearms Control Amendment Bill is to be considered the final intention of the ruling ANC government.

“an applicant does not have a valid reason for possessing a firearm if the applicant intends to possess the firearm for…(a) self-defence or the protection of any other person”.

This along with the fact that South Africa is the 7th highest country in homicides in the world, suggests either extreme incompetence on the part of the government, or… a desire to make the citizens even less capable of resisting control, and thereby also putting them at far higher risk of death, rape, especially robbery, which has become more even more violent in the past year.

On average 57 people are murdered in SA every day. 

Here is the clause in question:

“(1) The Registrar may not issue a licence that authorises the possession of a firearm unless the Registrar is satisfied that the applicant has a valid reason for possessing the firearm.

(2) An applicant does not have a valid reason for possessing a firearm if the applicant intends to possess the firearm for any of the following reasons –

(a) self-defence or the protection of any other person; or

(b) the protection of property, other than in circumstances constituting a valid reason as set out in this Chapter.

The chairperson of Gun Owners South Africa, Paul Oxley said, “Once again [South African Police Service] leadership has proven that they are not serious about the lives of citizens in South Africa.” Further:

“The major concern we have is the right to life of law-abiding citizens. Crime is escalating at an alarming rate, whereby the criminals perpetrating these crimes are becoming increasingly violent. Taking away a means to effectively defend oneself will see to an increase in violent crimes committed against all South Africans, this cannot be allowed to happen.

We urge all law-abiding legal gun owners of South Africa to write to the chairperson of the Police Portfolio Committee, Mr. Francois Beukman expressing your dissatisfaction at this preposterous and uncalled for attack on your right to life, and the ability to protect yourself against the crime infestation we all face on a daily basis. [email protected]

Now is not a time to roll over, in feeding the crocodile hoping to save your life you will only be eaten last. It is time to stand up and fight for your rights, not sit back and accept this. We urge all gun owners to join us in this fight.”

Mr. Oxley is right. 

gun ban
We should listen to Jefferson

How to fight this

The best way to stop this, is by joining a firearm rights organisation, like Gun Owners SA, and devoting some of your money, time, and will to fight for your cause.

  • Write letters to your political representatives and put pressure on them to stand up for your rights.
  • Also, you should write letters to the press and fill their pages with your pro-firearm ownership stories.
  • Use your social media space and talk to people about why this is an integral concern for all South Africans.

There are two options: either fight this and win, and keep the right to defend your life. Or don’t, and lose that right, and see South Africa accelerate into even worse chaos.


Annexure A. Firearm Control Amendment Bill (3)

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