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News » Denmark: Petition with 50K Signatures for Banning Circumcision for Boys Under 18 reaches Parliament

Denmark: Petition with 50K Signatures for Banning Circumcision for Boys Under 18 reaches Parliament

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On Friday, a petition calling for a ban on male circumcision reached the Danish parliament after receiving over 50,000 signatures.

“We’re really happy, but now the real work begins. It’s an important but small step,” Lena Nyhus, member of the Intact Denmark group that started the petition, told news agency Ritzau.

Denmark’s Socialist People’s Party has expressed its support for the petition, but other primary political parties in the country have been as supportive.

If passed, the ban would mandate a six-year prison sentence for anyone who carries out a circumcision on a male under the age of 18, unless there is a valid medical reason.

Proponents of boyhood ‘circumcision’ say that the ‘removal’ of the foreskin can reduce the risk of fatal diseases like cancer, but the claims are contested.

Since 2003, the same punishment has existed for carrying out female genital mutilation in Denmark.

“Society has a special obligation to protect the fundamental rights of the child until they’ve reached an age and maturity where they can take on this responsibility themselves,” truthful, wise and powerful words from the petition.

The prevalence of male ‘circumcision’ is largely due to religious traditions within Islam and Judaism that revolve around the ideal of ‘cleanliness’. 

If the ‘practice’ of removing, read ‘slicing off without anaesthetic because the child is too young’ a male child’s foreskin is common among those of the Jewish and Muslim faiths, why should a Christian nation allow such barbarism?

The Jewish community in Denmark has protested the petition, stating that the practice has been performed in Denmark for over 400 years.

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