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Democracy, But Only When It Suits

Anne Marie Waters, leader of the new “For Britain” party, was due to attend an independently organised hustings on the evening of June 12th. Waters, who is running in the East Lewisham by-election was due to appear alongside the UKIP & Liberal Democrat candidates. The Conservative & Labour candidates declined to attend and take questions from local constituents.

As expected, far left organisations such as Hope Not Hate, Antifa & assorted unions made their way to the Salvation Army in Catford, London, to apply pressure to close the event down and harass anyone who dared to attend. The protest, reportedly organised by Labour activists, would only have one outcome. The Met police were warned that there would be far left agitators present and a high possibility for trouble. The police however chose to ignore this warning.

When locals started to arrive to the hustings, they were verbally, and in some cases, physically assaulted. Despite this being caught on numerous phones around, which you come to expect nowadays, the police continued to do nothing about it. The event was subsequently closed down before the candidates had a chance to take questions.

This was seen as a victory by those who turned up, not to question, hear reason or even object, but to stop anyone else having the chance to do the same.



Sadly, based on the ethnicity of the area, Labour are most likely to win due to their capitulation to the Muslim & immigrant vote. With the far left increasingly try to suppress the normal, decent people of country, they are inadvertently giving ‘For Britain’ and other similar groups more publicity than they could possibly afford and that can only be a good thing in the long run. The more they try to silence the right, the louder they will get.

The election takes place today, 14th June.

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