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Italy Defiantly Warns UK:”The Aquarius NGO ship is your problem”

Italy - aquariaus - again

Transport Minister of Italy Toninelli tweeted:”The NGO #Aquarius has been coordinated by the Libyan Coast Guard in an area under their jurisdiction. The ship is now in Maltese waters and is flying a Gibraltar flag. At this point, the United Kingdom should take responsibility for the safety of the migrants.”

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Interiors Minister, quickly followed up, tweeting:”The NGO Aquarius ship with 141 migrants onboard: Germany property, rented by a French NGO, foreign crew, in Maltese waters, flying the Gibraltar flag. They can go anywhere, but not in Italy! STOP to human traffickers and their partners in crime, #closedports, and #openhearts.”

Italy is holding its ground and maintaining its position on the migrant issue, both Salvini and Toninelli will not allow human traffickers to enrich themselves by sending hordes of illegals to the Italian peninsula. A defiant Italy is openly challenging the weak “Conservative” British Government, how will May respond to this?

The Italian populist Government is keeping its promises on the migrant crisis issue and the public is quite satisfied with the results. Both Lega and the 5Stars movement will likely exploit these early results to gain momentum in the upcoming European elections in 2019.

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