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Defend Europa Interviews… The Iconoclast

The Iconoclast

This week at Defend Europa HQ, we had the pleasure of interviewing The Iconoclast; a British Nationalist and talented YouTube star from the north of England who focuses on topics such as European politics, censorship and The Great Replacement.

Let’s jump straight in.

For people who aren’t familiar with who you are and what you stand for, please could you give us a quick overview?

Of course. I have a YouTube channel called The Iconoclast (but you can call me Dan) where I make videos about politics/culture and air my various grievances with the current state of Europe. I don’t spend a lot of time chasing the news stories of the day, I usually take my time to put together longer videos about a specific topic that interests me personally. One week’s video might be about my thoughts on foreign aid, the next it could be about politics in entertainment. Overall though, I focus on the issues that I feel are important to the direction our civilisation is heading, like changing demographics, mass immigration and Islam.


You’ve amassed over 60,000 YouTube subscribers in just over a year. Why do you think you’ve been so successful?

It’s been quite a ride so far! When I first started I was purely just trying to get things off my chest because I didn’t really have anywhere in “real life” to do that. Then during the course of 2017, so many big events happened that angered me so much (multiple terror attacks in the UK), the videos I made in response were very raw, unscripted, and certainly hit a nerve with a lot of people. So I think people appreciate my authenticity and honesty and willingness to show genuine emotions, when sometimes a lot of other YouTubers can be seen possibly manufacturing their own outrage or joy at certain things to get views.

I also don’t pretend to be an authority on anything. I’m a normal guy from the north of England giving my opinion on what’s going on around me. I make mistakes, I change my opinion on certain things, I don’t feel as though I need to rigidly stick to a certain thought process. There are some people on YouTube who like to frame themselves as a professional in a particular area (which is rarely the case, let’s be honest) I’m just a regular bloke. Salt of the Earth I am! But seriously, I don’t have a gimmick, I don’t get involved with “drama”, and I think my audience appreciates that.


In terms of British or Europeans political figures, dead or alive, are there any you look up to or admire and if so, why?

Truthfully, there are very few that I look up to in that sense. I don’t think there is any one person who echoes my political beliefs exactly, but I do appreciate different people for different reasons. First of all, Nigel Farage has to be up there because of his tireless battling against the EU. The man has been smeared throughout the British media, threatened by left-wing activists on a constant basis, and has had to face down the cyborgs in the European Union for years – and he beat them all. Obviously the Brexit process is still under threat, but Farage made such an impact on the people of Britain and the political sphere, that forcing the referendum and subsequently winning it should always be seen as a massive triumph. I’d say the man has earned free pints for life.

Another that instantly comes to mind is Enoch Powell. Obviously he was way before my time, but in the modern age of mass uncontrolled immigration and ethnic replacement, many people are looking back at what he said all those years ago and are coming to the realisation he was right. The personal sacrifices he made in order to speak the truth were immense, as his political career was effectively over after he made his famous ‘Rivers Of Blood’ speech – despite having the overwhelming support of the British people at the time (but when have they ever mattered..) Typically, the “mainstream” still look at him in a negative light, but slowly and surely more and more people are giving him their ears and are understanding that he absolutely saw the dangers of immigration, and in that respect he has been vindicated.

One more politician (if we can even call him that) I need to mention is of course Donald Trump. Not because I agree with him on policy decisions, but because of what he, as a figure, represents. This is a guy who flipped the middle finger at the media, Washington, and anyone who attacked him, and only became stronger as he did so. He epitomises perseverance. No matter what they say about him, no matter which dirty tactics the media implement, he always weathers the storm and comes out on top. He has inspired millions of people to come out of their shells and say what they really believe, when they would have been too fearful of social consequences beforehand. He clearly understands that Western civilisation has been undermined and talked down for years, and he wants to change that; his visit to Poland and his speech prove that. His concept of America First is brilliant, and it’s something we should imitate for the UK. Looking out for your own people is a rather unpopular notion in modern Europe unfortunately, but now that the Trump is out of the bag, more people with these sensibilities will follow.


You’re such a great addition to our community because you not only come across as being a good person, but also somebody who is honest and approachable as well. How important do you think “optics” are, and what advice would you give to people who may be struggling in this area?

I’m glad you think that way about me because in reality I’ve always had trouble in social situations! I’ve never been great with people, I’m quite shy by nature to be honest, and I’ve always been the sort of person who likes to keep his head down. The beauty of the Internet is there’s a wall in front of me that gives me a sense of protection and freedom to say what I want to say. Despite that, I do believe I’m honest and an all round good chap, but truth be told when I started my channel I didn’t really consider what image I wanted to project of myself. The interesting thing is, you see me in a positive light, but my political opponents look at me as some sort of monster! Optics almost don’t matter because we’re in such a state where the political divide between the right and left is so wide, and the dialogue is so hostile, that even if I projected myself as the nicest and most approachable fella in the world, people on the left would still despise me because I don’t tweet #RefugeesWelcome.

I had an old friend of mine recently end our friendship over political differences. We’d known each other since we were 11, he knew the sort of person I was, he knew what my family was like, we’d spent years of our lives in each other’s company – yet because I voted for Brexit and liked Nigel Farage, I was apparently a “hateful” person and he admitted he couldn’t bring himself to hang out with me anymore. I’m sure this isn’t a unique story, plenty of people have recently lost friends for similar reasons, but that simply proves that it doesn’t matter what we’re like as people, we can still be treated as scum for wrong-think. I think it’s such a dangerous development and we’re at risk of being viewed/viewing the opposite side as sub-human, which of course opens to door to undesirable things.


As a fellow film geek, I really enjoyed your recent video about the Hollywood elite and I share your sentiments that the big screen has been stolen from us and replaced with an anti-White, “liberal” agenda. Firstly, what is your favourite film of all time and why, and secondly, what steps do you think we can take to get back control of the media?

It’s always nice to meet a fellow film lover, I could talk about them all day. A little bit of trivia for you, I used to have a movie review YouTube channel a couple of years ago, but after pouring so much effort and time into it over the course of a year to only gain about 85 subscribers, I realised I was barking up the wrong tree.

My favourite film of all time, and it might be an obvious choice, is Taxi Driver. It’s a film about masculinity, about young men finding their place in the world, and that desire we have to fulfil a purpose. I first saw it when I was 15 years old, and obviously at that age you’re an angsty fool to begin with, but every time I’ve watched it since it has still had the same impact on me. Travis Bickle, the protagonist, lives in a world that is changing before his very eyes for the worse, and he feels completely powerless to save it. People see him as a villain type of character, or an anti-hero, but at his core he’s a good person who wants to do the right thing, he just goes about it in the wrong way. Since I’ve become more politically active in recent years I see a lot of parallels between the themes of Taxi Driver and what we’re currently dealing with in the West. Masculinity has been derided on a consistent basis by left-wing groups for decades at this point, and many young men feel completely disregarded by society. We all know about the incredible suicide rates for men, and it’s almost certainly linked to this cultural shift. When men are told that they are inherently problematic and they should curb their natural instincts and desires, it creates a void filled with lost souls who will probably lash out in a negative way eventually. I’m not suggesting there are millions of Travis Bickles stocking up on guns and talking to themselves in the mirror, but there are certainly a huge number of men out there who completely identify with his struggles, and our culture as a whole isn’t doing anything to help.

In terms of reclaiming Hollywood and media from the left, I think it really comes down to encouraging artistic people on our side to create and share their work. One of the biggest problems with “the right” is artistic endeavours are usually relegated to the bottom of the list of things that are considered important. I completely disagree with this, because if we’re serious about convincing more people to our way of thinking, we can’t rely on reaching them through politics alone. Like it or not, film, music, literature, art – all of these things have tremendous reach and are being used by the left to spread heavy political messaging. We’ve abandoned that ground without a shot being fired. As a movement, we need to actively support creative people in their work, and motivate more of them to go into business together. Only as a collective will be break into the entertainment industry, and I think it’s high time we gave it a shot.


You’ve focused on The Great Replacement in your videos. How optimistic are you that we can reverse this, and what do you think it will take?

The Iconoclast | White British Becoming Minority | Demographic Crisis In Europe | The Great Replacement (Part 1)


It’s hard to say. I go back and forth on this. Sometimes I’m optimistic, then I read a story detailing the majority of school children in Birmingham being Muslim, and I fall right back into a hole of pessimism. But I have to say, if I didn’t think the situation could be salvaged, I wouldn’t be making videos. Over the last few years we’ve seen electoral victories that show things are slowly moving in our direction. The biggest examples being Brexit and Trump of course, and while ethnic replacement wasn’t a front running topic in those votes, I think deep down it was playing on people’s minds, whether they’d admit to it or not.

A big hiccup people have about this is they don’t want to be accused of being a horrible human being by expressing their displeasure at demographic changes. The fact is, if you say you don’t like the fact white Brits are a minority in London, you’ll instantly be called a white supremacist. That’s the way of the world these days. Yet I can express the exact same sentiment about a non-white nation and people would agree with me on the whole. Imagine if millions of white people suddenly moved to Tokyo and started forming European neighbourhoods that had almost nothing in common with mainstream Japanese society – I think a lot of people would have a problem with that. Those white immigrants would be accused of colonialism, and be told they were undermining Japanese culture by refusing to accept it into their lives. I’d certainly be criticising it too! Yet when millions of third world immigrants settle in Europe and do those same exact things, they’re actually enriching our culture. It’s a joke, and I think a lot of people are now realising we’ve been short changed when it comes to this. Slowly but surely, these issues will grow in the minds of the European people. At the moment they can’t say it out loud, but in time they will. Our job is to encourage them to do so, and to keep putting the information out there for these people to see.

Unfortunately, I can’t see anything but quite a viscous backlash coming in the future. Maybe civil war is too strong a term, but I don’t think things will be pretty. I’ve always joked that if the worse comes to worst, we should all pool our money together to buy an island somewhere and create our own country. Obviously I’d be the king.


As somebody who describes themselves as being anti-EU and anti-mass immigration, what do you think are currently the biggest threats to European civilisation?

As I mentioned above, ethnic replacement or displacement of native Europeans will be the most long term threat, because what is Europe without Europeans? We’re told to believe that a Somali who has been living in London for 5 years is just as British as the rest of us, and that the only thing that defines who is British is the sharing of our common values (whatever they are). This is all complete garbage. People shape the culture, if native Brits become the minority group, the new majority group will determine the direction of the country. There are people out there who honestly believe that Britain will be a Western liberal democracy forever, no matter how many immigrants settle here, and no matter how much the demographics change. This is such a fantasy. Already we’re seeing parallel legal systems operating in Britain for certain groups, and barbaric foreign cultural practices being protected and covered up by complicit authorities. We really are in the midst of an identity crisis.

The EU is an avenue for these policies, as it advocates mass immigration and free movement of people, but it’s not the root cause. Once we leave the EU I don’t believe these problems will be magically solved, but it would be the first small step in tackling the problem. What are we going to do about the people already in Britain, groups which are growing at an exceptional rate compared to the native population? I think we’re heading for trouble.


Congratulations on the success of your recent Iconoclast magazine! Can you tell us about any more of your plans for the future?

Thank you! The magazine has been such a great success so far, so much so that my printing company told me they need an extra few days of production because so many copies were sold. This is annoying because I really want to send them off to the people who bought a copy, but at the same time it’s also a good thing because it shows how popular the project has become. If anyone did buy a copy of the magazine who is reading this, don’t worry, you’ll get it soon enough, but there is a slight delay in production. I’m aiming to refine my distribution method for future releases to combat this problem.

What else do I have planned? Well I’m quite an ambitious guy and would love to start a video podcast where I travel around and interview interesting people for a few hours at a time. Live streams have filled this gap until now, but I’m a big fan of actually sitting around a table with people and talking to them in person. I need to work out how I’ll do this with my limited budget while keeping the production standards as high as possible, but this is definitely in the works.

I want to crack 100,000 subscribers by the end of the year, that would be incredible. It would mean a lot to me to know that so many people found my views interesting enough to click that button. It would also be a good measuring stick of where we are as a movement – that a newbie like me can get to such a milestone in a relatively short space of time.

Other than that I want to keep spreading the word about what is happening in Europe, and do my part to influence more and more people in society to stand up for what they believe in. We all need to play a role, but as a collective I’m positive about what we can accomplish.



Don’t forget to check out The Iconoclast’s YouTube channel here, and give him a follow on Twitter here.

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