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Deadly Fire in Leipzig: Alleged Syrian Arsonist Arrested

Leipzig building fire

Leipzig, between Thursday night and Friday morning, a devastating fire ripped through a residential building, resulting in 16 wounded and one casualty.

“After the collapse, the entire building is now still locked, it is just too dangerous there,” said the head of the fire department.


After the chaos was dealt with, the fire brigade found a body on Friday morning, as yet unidentified. The police assume deliberate arson and have arrested a suspect. The man (32, according to police a Syrian) is alleged to have set the fire. The suspect set aflame a dumpster which later spread to a wooden staircase. If the suspicions of the police are confirmed, the suspect will not only have to answer for severe arson – but also for murder.

“Employees of the social welfare office of the city of Leipzig took care of the accommodation of the persons concerned in other objects,” said the police.

A structural engineer will decide after the public holidays on Tuesday if and when the house can be entered.


Sources: Bild

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