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DACA Precedent Spells Trouble for EU Border Security

“Let’s call this proposal for what it is: a white supremacist ransom note.” This was a statement made by Greisa Martinez Rosas, the Advocacy Director for the United We Dream group, a campaign group for DACA.
Now, the Dream Act, or DACA, has been an extremely controversial issue in the United States. The concept of allowing individuals, who have entered in to the USA as minors and had either entered in to the country or remained illegally, to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action to deportation. It also allows these people to apply for the eligibility to get a work permit, whilst they remain in the country. It is estimated that there are around 800,000 people who fit the criteria for DACA.

There has been a massive debate raging in the political circles of the USA, in relation to whether this process continues. When President Trump ended the policy, after becoming President, it sparked massive protests and backlash against Washington.
Whether you agree, or disagree with DACA, whether you think it should continue or it should be totally abolished, there is a massive problem around the opening statement that I have quoted at the beginning of this article.

“A white supremacist ransom note.”

In other words, the deal that is being proposed by the president is motivated by racism. This statement speaks volumes about the lengths that the people who are behind the DACA movement are willing to go to in order to get what they want. We have observed that labeling someone or a group of people, as intolerant: racist, homophobic, sexist etc., has become a very common strategy within politics and other areas of society. Political correctness has never been more prevalent in society, nor has it ever been more controversial.

Compromises and deals are often used in politics to bring both sides of the divide to the table and agree on something that will benefit everyone in some way. Angela Merkel, has been forced to “cap” the number of refugees and economic migrants at a alarmingly high number of 200,000 people per year to come to some sort of deal which would allow her to stay in power as Chancellor. She has long resisted a ceiling for the people coming in to her country, however has been forced to agree on a limit else she risk losing her position.

The statement made by Rosas and other liberals means, that unless they get what they are demanding to the absolute maximum, government, national leaders and anyone who does not agree with their opinions, is a white supremacist. In other words, a racist. They are intolerant of the people who seek to enter in to the Western countries through illegal means.

Many of the EU’s left wing politicians have protested against the attempts to stem the flow of migrants flowing in to Europe, by attempting to arrange for asylum requests to be deal with in Libya, Chad and Niger. They have declared it as “racist and inhumane.” European Parliament’s Rapporteur on the Commission’s Union Resettlement Framework, MEP Malin Björk, said the plan was “tainted by structural racism towards the African population.”
“Europe has no right to criminalise mobility or movement – especially not in third countries.” the Swedish MEP stated.

If we look at the current and developing social and political trends within our society, there is the potential that, if the supporters of the DACA policy get their way and receive everything they ask for, the liberal movement will have managed to weaponise racism, as a tool to get what they want in political circles.
This will act as a “canary in a coal mine” scenario, where the left wing groups within Europe, will see it as a sign to push for an increase in migrant movements in to the continent.  Any time a group of people do not get what they want in the future, they will claim that they are being victimised due to being a minority group in society.

At this point, as many as 10,000 people a week are crossing the Mediterranean Sea, from Libya. Further to this, a recent classified document that was leaked from the German government, shows that up to six million (yes you read that right) are waiting around the Mediterranean, to cross in to Europe. Should the liberal moments within the USA galvanise similar movements within Europe, we could see the millions outside the continent find their way in, due to the EU’s border weaknesses and coupled with the regular use of racism as an excuse to grant migrants entry.

Many liberals argue that the children who fall in to the parameters of DACA, should not be punished, by being deported along with their parents who entered in to the country illegally. They should not be held responsible for the crimes of their parents. If you were born in to a family, where your father or mother had committed a terrible crime, you should not be expected to be held responsible for actions that you had no control over. It is illogical and unfair for any blame to be laid at your feet for a crime that you could not have prevented.

Where the issue lies, is the same groups of people, will continue and do continue to, demand that (mainly) white conservative groups should apologise and feel guilty for the crimes that their ancestors committed during the times of slavery in America and the colonisation of Africa and the Middle East. Do you see the hypocrisy in this argument that they make? However, the apparent illogical argument made by these groups, appears to be lost on them.

Racism and other forms of prejudice are being used more frequently in our society to force decisions to be made that normally would not be entertained. Governments, councils, businesses, education establishments and individuals in prominent positions are terrified of being branded as prejudice. They fear that their reputation will be ruined if they do not bow to the demands of groups or individuals who continue to smash the metaphorical Prejudice Pinata to receive the content within.

As a society, we must be supportive of individuals or groups of people being treated fairly and with respect. However, pulling out the “Racism Card” or other forms of prejudice claims will continue to exist in our society indefinitely, until we stand up an adopt a common sense approach.

A situation exists at the moment where the people who shout the loudest have the most power in society. They have realised that they have this power and this power is not being used in a responsible manner. At what point do the movements of liberal groups stop being about equality and fairness and at what point are they simply being used to get something that they feel they are entitled to?

The course that we seem to have set our sails of our metaphorical ship on will never be free of prejudice. Not because we continue to oppress minority groups, but because the goal posts are constantly being shifted. There will always be something more that the many must atone for, to appease the few.

To use an analogy of sorts: When an individual has committed a heinous crime and are then convicted and sentenced to a lengthy period in prison. Many people may feel that the punishment is not proportionate to the crime. They may demand that the criminal be given a longer or more severe punishment for their actions. But at what point would someone say that the criminal has received what they deserve? At what point do they say, “It is enough, they have answered for their crime”? Would they continue to demand that the criminal deserves an eternity of punishment? That no amount of justice would be enough?

If we do not meet these issues with a common sense approach, with well thought out arguments, we will always be branded as prejudice and will continually be expected to atone for the sins of our forefathers, continuing the destruction of Europe as we know it.

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