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Croatia: 6.8 Mil Euro For Stronger Border Management

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On Thursday the 20th of this year, perhaps because of the Christmas spirit that has gripped the Old Continent, the European Commission has decided to make an aditional 305 million Euros in emergency assistance available to Greece, Italy, Cyprus and Croatia, for migration and border management.

  • Gee thanks, Brussels, how’s the lack of border security working out for Strasbourg?

“The Commission is awarding 6.8 million euro to Croatia to help reinforce border management at the EU’s external borders, in full respect of EU rules,” the Commission explained in a charming press release.

  • ‘Awarding’ as if to say ‘oh, look at us we’re so responsible’

“The funding will help strengthen border surveillance and law enforcement capacity by covering the operational costs of 10 border police stations through the provision of the daily allowances, over-time compensation and equipment. A monitoring mechanism will be put in place to ensure that all measures applied at the EU external borders are proportionate and are in full compliance with fundamental rights and EU asylum laws.”

  • Big, tough words to help assuage the fears of the sheeple.

“Today’s award brings the overall emergency funding for migration and border management allocated to Croatia by the Commission to almost 23.2 million euro. This comes on top of nearly 108 million euro allocated to Croatia under the national programmes of the Asylum Migration and Integration Fund and the Internal Security Fund 2014-2020,” states the press release…

  • The use of such words as: ‘award, awarding, almost this much, allocated that much’ – It’s disgusting how these bureaucrats are patting themselves on the back.

The funding in total will support efforts to increase reception capacity, protect victims of human trafficking and strengthen border surveillance and management capacity… and Greece is given 289 million euro for the following purposes: rental accommodation and allowances (190 million euro), reception conditions (61 million euro), search and rescue (33 million euro) and an additional 357,000 euro to provide blankets, winter jackets and winterisation kits. What about homeless Europeans? The EU cares not.

  • Tax payer money being thrown into the furnance of migrant ‘rental accomodations and allowances’ You know what the European, specifically EU taxpayer is working for in this day and age?
  • To house and feed his replacement.

The Commission is again ‘awarding’ 5.3 million euro in emergency funds to Italian authorities to help protect victims of human trafficking in the context of migration. They inadvertantly admit here that the two are very closely tied.

  • Human trafficking which the Commission itself is promoting by allowing NGOs to ferry and traffic these people in the first place!

The European Commission is yet again ‘awarding’ 3.1 million euro to Cyprus to improve its reception capacity and transform the temporary emergency centre ‘Pournaras’ into a top-tier first reception centre.

  • Recepting foreign aliens who haven’t payed a dime into the system and to allow them to live off the backs of hard working Europeans who struggle every month to make ends meet!

When will we make them learn? Yellow vests 2.0 need to happen.

And soon.

And they will.

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