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Croatia: 40 Syrian Asylum Seekers Housed in Zadar

syrian 'refugees'

These ‘asylum seekers’ chose to come to Croatia of their own accord, they are not refugees, they’re economic migrants. Refugees do not get to choose where they go, rather they are grateful to whomever will accept them.

“I was first in Lebanon, then in Turkey and I looked for a way to come to Croatia and I succeeded.” – and the lying media has the guts to call these people ‘asylum seekers’

In a country where youth unemployment is such an issue that we are third in youth unemployment in the EU, one wonders why we would want migrants when our own young people can’t find a job in their country so they go elsewhere in the EU in search of a job.

The operative partner of the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs with this project of relocation is the Croatian office of the International Organisation for Migration of the UN. – A charming name for an oganisation with a dark purpose.

“According to the current law, they are entitled to two years of payment of all costs of living and accommodation. By employing them, enrolling in schools, etc., this situation changes because they are prepared to assume the responsibility for their own lives” – says Public Relations Representative Igor Aničić, these people get benefits that native citizens do not even get.

“I like it very much here and I would like to get hired as soon as possible and stay in Croatia ” – says Abdel Kader al Swere, a 29 year old with a wife and five children. At least he is being honest about it. They have come to live and stay here. Not temporary asylum. And they have 5 children while the average Croatian family has 1.

Projects like this are a slap in the face of citizens who are trying to make ends meet in a country that heavily relies on tourism. That we would accept migrants when there are more than 300.000 unemployed people is beyond absurd.


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