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Swedish Children Violated in LGBT Brainwashing

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In the Swedish town of Umeå schoolchildren from an ‘anti-communist’ private school were forced to undergo LGBT ‘brainwashing’. Many children didn’t enjoy the treatment, but were scolded by their teachers as ‘undemocratic’ and ‘disrespectful’.

After a controversial left-wing ‘Queer festival’ in Umeå, which saw 3,000 individuals in degenerate manner parade town, a United States-owned – and funded – private international school forced all of their students to attend and pay tribute to ‘queer ideology’.

The mandatory, politically fueled, brainwashing sessions had a negative impact on these children. Some reportedly felt bad and confused for several days. Which isn’t strange since the topics that were part of the curriculum presented to these children were of a “sadistic and very sexual nature”.

The organisers told their unwilling students that if they did not embrace the ideology presented, they would be a threat to ‘democracy’ and everyone’s ‘equal rights’.

One parent said:

My child came home from her school’s ‘Pride Week’ and said she felt bad. She was overwhelmed with all the posters and she felt like she was forced to participate.

The signal this school is trying to spread is one that says: “If you do not embrace Pride, you do not support our democratic beliefs”. Which, in any case, is a politically charged and value based ideology completely opposing democratic principles.

In fear of reprisals from certain groups, the parent wished to remain anonymous.

Anti-Communist School – LGBT Agenda

The mental abuse taking place, unsurprisingly, took place at an all English speaking private school that claims to be anti-communist.

The founder of the school, Barbara Bergström and her husband, DN’s former editor-in-chief, Hans Bergström, are openly neoliberal and anti-communist.

Barbara Bergström
Barbara Bergström

It’s time for the end of this communist empire. There must be a new government.

Hans Bergström before the 2018 elections on Bonnier TV

Getting the working class to care about economically irrelevant ideologies like LGBT, instead of “class struggle” against the upper class has been very successful in Sweden. As a result that it has allowed the  increase of the class gap significantly.

Therefore it’s not too far fetched to imagine a plan being in place to overthrow the middle class and introduce a new system of just two classes – rulers and subjects.

Abortion policy, feminist “betting-on-career” propaganda and mass immigration are key building blocks in this neoliberal project.

The Bergströms

The Bergström couple still manages the English school, which is located in 36 municipalities and has 26,000 students.

However, they have recently sold the institution to investors in the United States and lost ownership. The new investors, which utilise the Swedish taxpayer system for receiving government education funds, reportedly gained approximately 1 billion Swedish Krona since taking over.

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