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Chemnitz, Germany: Migrant murder triggers huge anti-migration protests


In the German city of Chemnitz, a 23 year-old Syrian and a 22 year-old Iraqi are under suspicion of murdering a 35 year-old German and wounding two others during a city festival by stabbing them multiple times after – according to eye witnesses – the trio came to aid a woman who was being harrassed by the migrants, while the police issued a statement where they denied the circumstances and instead told the media that they were among a quarrel of some 10 men which turned violent. The Syrian and the Iraqi have since been in detention awaiting trial.

The events triggered a spontaneous demonstration, where about 1,000 people gathered by the Karl Marx monument by Sunday evening to mourn the victim of yet another stabbing. In the very same day, state-sponsored TV channel ARD released a summer interview with Chancellor Angela Merkel, in which she said that “she is the Chancellor of the refugees”.

Photo posted by: Henryk Stoeckel

On Monday, several groups called on the people of Chemnitz to gather for a funeral march and to show solidarity with the victims. Some claim that 12,000 people showed up, others are saying that there were 8,000. Still, the masses were screaming “Merkel must go” and “resistance”.

Of course, the mainstream media were quick to label the demonstrations as “far-right protests”, using the misbehaviour of a small number of protesters to discredit the whole movement. People who actually attended the demonstration and were among the masses show that most of the claims of the press are false. This is the core of the German people finally standing up for themselves and not “far-right extremists” as the mass media labels them.

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