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British Journalist Uncovers The TRUTH About South Africa!

British Journalist South Africa

With all the inanities currently occurring back home in Europe, it becomes easy to forget the plight of European diaspora around the world. In particular, people of European descent in South Africa are increasingly finding that their homeland no longer wants them and, in fact, is openly hostile to their very existence. You will all know, of course, that Afrikaners have been facing near genocidal conditions in the country they call home, yet for whatever reason the world refuses to acknowledge their suffering.

British journalist Katie Hopkins has now undertaken some groundbreaking work in an attempt to bring their plight to the attention of a wider audience back here in Europe. It is well known that other independent journalists, such as Canadian YouTuber Lauren Southern, have also visited South Africa for this reason of late, yet Hopkins’ massive following and grand profile back here in England means that her work is more likely to help bring about a national and continental discussion.

There is no point in simply reprinting her findings on this page, as they can all be found here at her website. But there were some important highlights of her trip that brought home some startling realities.  The most chilling of these revelations is the proof uncovered by Hopkins that the South African Police are actively involved in the Farm Murders of white Afrikaners – it was widely known that the police would often refuse to investigate such crimes, but confirmation that serving officers are actually involved in this genocide is precisely the proof that enables us to label it as such.

Under condition of anonymity, a serving police officer testified to the effect that the police are actively engaged in ‘arming, enabling and absolving’ the perpetrators of white Farm Murders. They explained how oftentimes the weapons found at the scene of such crimes are police issue, as is the ammunition retrieved from crime scenes. The officer also said that black officers will simply refuse to investigate said crime, regardless of how heinous, if the suspect is a ‘brother’ – by this, they mean a fellow black supporter of the governing African National Congress (ANC) or the black supremacist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

“We have arrested serving members of the police during house robberies. Police weapons have been used in the attacks. Not just personal weapons issued to every officer, but rifles that have to be signed out from the station. We know police ammunition has been used in farm attacks.”

Not only did Ms Hopkins require 24-hour close protection by security guards throughout her stay in South Africa, she was also detained at Johannesburg Airport. Her passport was confiscated at the behest of the ANC, and they attempted to prevent her from leaving the country with the information and footage that she’d gathered there. They accused her of ‘spreading racial hatred’, despite the fact that they themselves have implemented over 120 economic policies specifically to bar Afrikaners from the labour market, and that they have recently passed a motion permitting the government to confiscate white-owned land without compensation.

Since the fall of Apartheid in 1994, over 75,000 people of European descent (British, Afrikaner) have been murdered almost exclusively by black Africans. Murders on farms have been particularly frequent (and often brutal), with over 4,000 farmers murdered during the last 2 decades. The situation has become so dangerous for white farmers that it’s now acknowledged as the world’s most dangerous profession, with them experiencing the equivalent of 145 deaths per 100,000. To put that into context, the homicide rate for the whole of the United Kingdom is 0.92 per 100,000, and for Germany it’s 0.85.

The world’s foremost expert on genocide, Professor Gregory Stanton, has a research website dedicated to monitoring parts of the globe that are at risk of genocidal conditions. This research organisation has put South Africa and, in particular, its white farmers, at Stage 6 (of 8) on the genocide scale. This is very concerning, especially given that these new revelations demonstrate the complicity of the South African government in this genocide. Their rhetoric and cronyism has paved the way for all institutions of the state to be complicit in genocide and, thus, Crimes Against Humanity.

Of course, the mainstream European press will cow in fear of their globalist masters at the very sight of this reporting, and will engage in a coordinated wall of silence to prevent the truth about the European genocide in South Africa from coming to light. This is why it’s the duty of alternative media sources, like Katie Hopkins, Lauren Southern and ourselves, to spread the word. We don’t take paychecks or sly backhanders from the political class – and in our case at Defend Europa, we work entirely as volunteers and a non-profit organisation – therefore we do not have the reach that they do, but if enough small voice shout loud enough, they will always be heard.

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