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What NPCs Don’t Understand About Britain’s New £50 Note Campaign

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A few weeks ago in England, it was revealed that the Bank of England will be issuing a new £50 note. The new design will be coated in plastic (much like our current £5, £10 and £20 notes) in order to increase durability and lower money laundering opportunities. The current £50 note features Matthew Boulton and James Watt; two leading lights of the industrial revolution who used their engineering, science and entrepreneurial skills to develop and market steam engines in the 1700s.

Suggestions of who will feature on the new £50 will be put forward by the public. I’d love to see somebody like Enoch Powell on there, but we all know that no such hero shall be picked. Cue the suggestions of unheard of Black scientists, Muslim doctors and Somalian astronauts; much like the very boatloads of pioneers and entrepreneurs that wash up on our our shores on a weekly basis to very kindly enrich our culture and help us advance our technology. Of course, the British Government could never make such a suggestion themselves, but if they pass it over to the public to decide, well hey, we chose it ourselves, right?

Another boatload of pioneers and entrepreneurs.


It took the media one day to start rubbing their hands and promoting such suggestions.

The Daily Mail, who many oddly label as a “right wing newspaper”, promoted the idea of having Noor Inayat Khan on the note. Khan was a female, Indian, Muslim Nazi fighter. The only thing that surprises me at this stage is that she didn’t have a previous lesbian, pansexual relationship too. The Independent promoted the suggestion of Mary Seacole; a mixed-race woman from Jamaica who was a nurse and businesswoman during the Crimean War. Labour MP, Wes Streeting, suggested Nelson Mandela. The fact that none of these people are British seems a completely overlooked fact.

Would any of these suggestions have been made if these people were White? No, of course they wouldn’t have. But why does it matter? As we express how tiresome (but definitely not unexpected) the whole charade is on social media, we’ll no doubt be resented by “gammon”-shouting NPCs who think we just don’t like the look of brown people. Their myopic way of inventing what our issue is as just as myopic as their belief that the £50 note is the actual issue here. The £50 note is almost irrelevant. While these people see a single, harmless matter and easily categorise any criticism of it as racism, we see the bigger picture. We understand why this is being done, we understand who is doing it, and we understand where this is heading.

Official figures suggest that Britain was 87% “White British” at the date of our last census. This means, apparently, that we need around 13% of people in government and on TV to be non-White too. We must reflect the demographics of our country, or so we’re told. The British are expected to become a minority in our own country by the year 2066, and then Parliament and our TV shows will have to be 51% non-White to continue reflecting the demographics of our country. Don’t believe me? South Africa still has diversity quotas in a country which is approximately 8% White. Everything will be based on diversity quotas and nothing based on skill until the White man no longer reigns supreme in his own country, surrounded by the civilisation that he built. The plans for our demographic replacement are already in motion; the most telling fact being that around 40% of births in Britain are by non-British mothers. Britain’s children are Britain’s future.

And how do they stop us from complaining about our demographic replacement? How do they stop us from fighting back? They normalise it.

From the constant over-representation of mixed-race couples in advertising, to colour-blind casting (which is only allowed if it’s a non-White person taking the role of a White person). From the definition of racism being changed so that White people can no longer experience it, to anything remotely pro-White being classified as hate of everybody else. From the hate speech laws that were created to silence our criticism, to us being taught that race is just a social construct and there’s no such thing as a true Brit anyway. From the BBC indoctrinating our children and teaching them to believe that “We’ve always been a nation of immigrants”, to Africans and Muslims on our £50 notes.

This is your future, European man. Get used to it.


Update: The Bank of England revealed two days ago that they would like a scientist to feature of Britain’s new £50 note.

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