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Brexit Betrayal March: What The Media Doesn’t Want You To See!

Tens of thousands of pro-Brexit protesters descended on London today to make their voices heard against the establishment’s Brexit betrayal. The march was led by UKIP’s Gerard Batten and Tommy Robinson, who were followed by protesters from all corners of the British Isles representing Generation Identity, For Britain and other nationalist groups, along with independents and disaffected Labour & Conservative voters.

Protesters met at the Dorchester Hotel in Mayfair, setting off on their march to Whitehall – heavily guarded by a disproportionate police presence, of course. By the time the march began more than ten-thousand protesters had joined the ranks to make their voices heard. As the march picked up, periodic chants of “Brexit means Exit” and loud calls in support of Tommy Robinson could be heard. Livestreams of the event showed massive crowds as far as the eye can see, but no more than a handful (fewer than 100) counter-demonstrators.

Protesters began arriving at the Cenotaph in Whitehall from 2 o’clock. UKIP leader Gerard Batten and Tommy Robinson kicked off proceedings with rousing speeches and statements against the political establishment and in support of a clean Brexit. The crowds waned slightly, but many thousands remained to listen to the speeches from a stage set up right by the Cenotaph, a fitting location for protesters supporting the independence and sovereignty of the British nation that so many died to protect.

Included on the march and represented amongst the speakers were people from all walks of British life, including farmers, military men, working class people, middle class voters, fishermen, foreign parliamentarians, lawyers and even a member of the House of Lords. Despite the legacy media’s predictable classification of the march as “far-right” and “extremist”, this was a cross-section of ordinary members of British society. Below are a few early pictures from the event.

Speakers included a military man who praised his colleagues for exposing Theresa May’s plans to integrate the British military into the European Armed Forces, as well as member of the Welsh Assembly Neil Hamilton, who described the way in which Welsh Labour MPs are betraying the will of their constituents by advocating a second referendum. Like England, Wales voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum by a reasonable margin.

Northern Ireland’s views were also represented here, with a speaker from Ulster accusing May of treason for undermining the integrity of the United Kingdom with her treacherous Brexit deal. Stewart Agnew, representing the farming community, spoke for a while about the common agricultural policy and how the EU’s pseudo-green laws are damaging farmers’ livelihoods and driving up prices by forcing Britons to purchase foreign food imports. Agnew bravely stated at the start of his speech that he was to ‘nail his colours to the mast’, and praised the bravery of Tommy Robinson and Gerard Batten.

Next up was a member of the fishing community, Mike Shaw, who advocated a clean Brexit so Britain couyld extricate herself from the common fisheries policy, which has decimated the fishing industry. May’s deal falls short on this point too, and Shaw rightly pointed out that this arrangement with the EU does not restore our fishing waters to the extent they should be under International Law.

Liz Phillips spoke next, explaining how the harmonisation of law within the European Union will damage legal protections Britons have enjoyed since Magna Carta. Under British law, the principle of innocent until proven guilty has always been enshrined, but European law appears to offer no such protection. This short speech was followed by Lord Pearson of Rannoch, one of just three UKIP peers, who described the motivations of the self-serving political class who care only for their careers and not for the livelihoods of ordinary British people. His speech went down particularly well amongst supporters.

Finally, Tommy Robinson and Gerard Batten were back on stage to round off the speaking engagements. Tommy thanked supporters for their impeccable behaviour, praising their attitude towards the day’s events and urging everybody to join UKIP as the only political solution to our problems. Robinson urged protesters not to lose their motivation and to ensure that these protests can transform into a mass movement to challenge the political establishment.

Contrary to what the lying press will undoubtedly say about this event, the livestreams demonstrated that there was no violence emanating from the Brexit supporters, no hooliganism and hardly even any alcohol consumption. The protesters came from a cross-section of society, as well as a variety of age ranges, which was heartening to witness.

(Aside from pictures and video taken from the internet, this article was written only using primary sources i.e. information provided by people who were actually there.)


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