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Bosnia and Herzegovina: 5000 lllegal Migrants Officially Recorded This Year

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since the beginning of the year, a little under 5000 illegal migrants have made their way into Bosnia and Herzegovina and most of them notified the police letting them know that they wanted asylum but only around 10% have formally asked for that status which shows that their true intentions are to continue on their way to EU nations, this is data that the Minister of Security, Dragan Mektić, presented to the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday, 29.05.2018.

He told reporters, after the session of the Council of Ministers in Sarajevo, that up until the 25. of May police had recorded exactly 4870 citizens of countries with a high risk of migration.

After entering B&H 4215 of those migrants expressed an intention of seeking asylum but only 423 people had actually filed such a claim. 

“This is real data”, said Mektić resolutely dismissing speculation that dozens of thousands of migrants have actually entered the country and that the authorities are trying to cover up the real dimensions of the problem.

He announced that a barracks in the Sarajevo area that was not currently being used would be re-appropriated to provide accommodations for migrants, he also pointed out that measures which had been taken to improve border control were yielding results and that through that the number of illegal entries had been significantly reduced.

Author’s note: This report shows us that the Europe can protect its borders, that some countries are doing just that, what is needed is a will, a demand from the citizens of the West and North of Europe to say “No!” and to close the borders.

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