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EU Border Force Training in Croatia, BiH Regains Control Over Borders


A Frontex-lead training programme called “Land and Border Surveillance Officer Training” is currently underway in Valbadon, near Pula, for 45 police officers from EU countries and is being conducted together with the Croatian Police Academy, which is a partner to the Frontex Academy.

Mirjana Abramović, the Frontex coordinator at the Police Academy, says that the aim of this training is to educate Croatian and EU police officers and improve joint capacities to participate in international operations aimed at suppressing illegal immigration. Croatia is investing a lot in strengthening capacities and in training police officers as an EU member state, she says.

The training camp, which will last for five days, will provide police officers with an opportunity to practise tactics at border crossings, the treatment of asylum seekers, treatment of migrants requiring medical attention and treatment of irregular migrants within the EU. 

Last year the Police Academy became a partner to the Frontex Academy which means the exchange of good police practices between member states, the implementation and preparation of training courses for police officers to participate in international Frontex operations with the aim of controlling the external EU border.

Meanwhile, the Croatian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Ivan Del Vechio visited Una-Sana Canton in Bosnia on Wednesday and said it was in the interest of Croatia for the problem of irregular migrations to be put under control and announced help to local authorities in that part of the country to deal with the challenge more efficiently.

“It is in Croatia’s interest for that problem to be resolved as soon as possible,” said Ambassador Del Vechio in Bihać after meeting with canton prime minister Husein Rošić.

According to the information I was given, the situation in that part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is slowly returning to normal even though it is “far from ideal” he said.

Una-Sana canton has the greatest amount of illegal migrants who are trying to transit through Croatia and continue on their ‘journey’ to Western countries. Italy has stopped allowing this, the Visegrad 4 have done the same, the rest of Europe needs to follow suit.

Rošić said that local authorities estimate that there are some three thousand illegal migrants currently residing in the canton. Thus, there are fewer migrants than in previous months when there were up to five thousand at any given moment. More are on the way, unfortunately.

Rošić said that it is clear that some migrants have managed to continue on their way, a few have been deported from Bosnia and Herzegovina to those countries they came from, but the most important thing is that police agencies have stepped up their control of the border with Serbia and Montenegro which has lead to fewer migrants entering the country.

More than 13.000 entries into Bosnia and Herzegovina by migrants have been registered since the start of the year.

Sources: Total Croatia News , HINA 

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