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News » Bolsonaro Elected 38th President of Brazil

Bolsonaro Elected 38th President of Brazil

The popular and populist right-wing candidate Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro was elected this Sunday 28th of October the 38th President of Brazil, granting one more victory for nationalism Worldwide

The victory was confirmed 22h18 (GTM) when 99.44% of the ballots were counted. Bolsonaro achieved 55 205 640 votes (55,54%) and could no longer be surpassed by his far left rival Haddad, that had 44 193 523 votes or 44,46% of their share.

In his victory speech Bolsonaro, stated that the government will be formed by people “who all have the same goal”: transforming Brazil into a free and prosperous nation. The new president of Brazil reinforced the focus of his government on freedom as a fundamental principle and on the defense of citizens’ rights.

“Freedom is a fundamental principle. The freedom to come and go, to walk the streets, everywhere in this country. Freedom to undertake, political and religious freedom, freedom to have an opinion. Freedom to make choices and respect them. A Brazil of diverse opinions. As a defender of freedom, I am going to lead a government that defends the rights of citizens, “said Bolsonaro, who guaranteed a “constitutional and democratic” administration, scaring away ghosts of authoritarianism created by the hysteria of the mainstream media.

On Twitter as well, the newly elected Brazilian president proceeded already to thank his supporters for their vote of confidence and that together, with them, they will change Brazil.


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