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The BBC’s Trend of Casting Black People in White Roles


Dawn French is to play Diane Abbott in a new TV drama! Actually… As much as we would all like that to be true, it sadly is not. However, given the path television and film is currently taking, do not be surprised to see Black actor, Idris Elba, take on the role of David Cameron at some point.

There is an increasingly growing trend of historical European people being portrayed by actors who clearly do not fit the bill. This is not a slight on the acting abilities of the ethnic actors, more trying to understand why TV companies are so desperate to cast ethnic actors in White roles.



The recent BBC/Netflix production “Troy: Fall of a City” featured David Gyasi (above) playing Achilles. As anyone who has studied history, or has at least looked at a book, will know that Homers ‘Iliad’ would not have had a Black god. This is in addition to the other ethnic casting within the series.

Lets not also forget ‘The History of Britain’, a children’s cartoon also on the BBC which depicted our history through the eyes of different families. Families that were, if the series were to be believed, very mixed. It would appear that everyone knew or had Black friend or two from our early days. This was until Slavery was mentioned and naturally, these previously Black friends and relatives disappeared briefly.

Robin Hood, the 2006 reboot featured David Hayward playing Friar Tuck, the highly popular Black character we all love…. A female Muslim sidekick was also thrown in for good measure too. All they needed was Maid Marion to be a lesbian and all required boxes would be ticked.

Others include “Doctor Who”, “1066 A Year to Conquer England”,  “King Lear” and “The Hollow Crown”, amongst others.



The question is, why is this happening? Youngsters are watching these series & as far as they are concerned, the UK has always been mixed. And if they grow up thinking that and no one points them in the right direction, they are less likely to oppose continued immigration as they get older and become more progressive. By Black-washing European history (along with the other ethnicities being heavily pushed), the powers that be really want the next generations to never know that when everyone stayed where they were born and belong, everywhere here was that little bit safer.

Does this mean we will see a return of the Black & White Minstrel Show? Will we see a White actor play a Black public figure anytime soon? Of course we wont. It would be “racist”, even if the use of “colour blind casting” was used, as it was with the aforementioned programmes.

As recently pointed out on here, there is not going to be a let up anytime soon on programmes showing how multiculturalism is good for the UK. When are we going to see honest programmes that show the real motives behind last years Islamist attacks? We wont, because casting the wrong colour people in the wrong parts and pushing the good sides of our permanent visitors, is their way of making us forget about the enemy within.


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