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Austrian Pensioner Uses Karate and Fends off Two Foreign Robbers!


On Wednesday evening, at approximately 3:10pm, in Luftenberg, Austria, a 62-year-old pensioner defended himself from two robbers who attempted to steal his money and mobile phone.

The victim, who has been named as Heinz S., was on foot on a forest road when he was approached by two men who shouted at him in a foreign language. The men gestured to the victim to hand over his mobile phone, and when he didn’t oblige, he was hit in the chest by one of the men.

This didn’t deter the pensioner, however, who had practised karate in his younger years. He describes his ordeal:

“I hit one of my fists on his nose. It should be broken. The other one then hit me with an object in the back of my ribs . I kicked him and he flew down the embankment. Both then fled in different directions.”


Local police kicked off an investigation to find the perpetrators, but had no success.

Both perpetrators were described as being male, dark, “foreign types“, 20-30 years old, 180-185 cm tall, and wearing inconspicuous clothing. One had a beard, and one was clean-shaven. One perpetrator will also have injuries to the face due to the victim’s courageous resistance.

Well done that man!

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