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News » Aquarius Economic Migrants To Be Shared Between France, Spain and Portugal
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Aquarius Economic Migrants To Be Shared Between France, Spain and Portugal

A group of 300 sub-Saharan Africans sit in board a boat during a rescue operation by the Italian Finance Police vessel Di Bartolo off the coast of Sicily

The Portuguese interior minister has announced this Tuesday an agreement between Portugal, Spain, and France. Each country will take in part of the Aquarius economic migrants coming mostly from Subsaharian Africa. Portugal has agreed to take in 10 migrants so far, it remains unclear how many will be shared between Spain and France from the total of 58.

The Portuguese Interior minister, while insisting on migrant quotas, added: “Portugal continues to defend an integrated European solution, stable and permanent in order to respond to this migration challenge due to humanitarian reasons and in face of the urgent situation these people are facing, (our country) shows itself again available through solidarity and coordinated efforts to take in with Spain and France part of this migrant group”.

Ever since Salvini’s LEGA rose to power in Italy, the NGO ships together with human traffickers have been forced to move their routes Westwards to Spain and Southern France, due to greater pressure from Libya’s coast guard and Salvini’s tougher migration policies.

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