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Another “Failed” Bomb Plot?

A minor explosion was reported at Southgate Station, North London on Tuesday evening. At 7.03PM, the Metropolitan Police were called to the station following reports of explosion and commuters running for the exits.

One witness, outside of the station said he could smell “burning rubber” an also saw someone being carried away on a stretcher. A number of ambulances & fire engines were also in attendance.  The station remains closed as of 10PM whilst an investigation into the explosion is carried out. A suspicious package has also been found.

The Police have said that it does not appear to be terror related at this time.  However this could be similar to the Parson Green incident on 15th September 2017, where an immigrant’s bomb only partially detonated.

Local residents close to the station have also been evacuated from the area whilst the investigation carries on. There are reportedly 60 Police officers at the scene investigating the cause of the explosion. They have also stated that they do not believe it is terror related. 5 people have been reportedly injured by the blast.

Twitter is awash with eyewitness accounts and people urging others not to jump to conclusions regarding the cause of the explosion and the potential culprit.

Local residents have also been evacuated from their homes and other nearby residents told to stay indoors until the situation has been resolved. It is likely to go on until early morning.

Should this be a terror related incident, will it be suppressed like many other recent events on mainland Europe? Only a few days ago a taxi was seen driving into pedestrians deliberately in Russia but there has been nothing else mentioned since.

The authorities do not want people to worry about the terror within the country, so expect the true nature of the events the evening to be underplayed.

Update as of 11AM Wednesay

The Police last night stayed it was caused by an electrical fault on a battery, leading many to believe it was a genuine accident and not suspicious. However, the Police have just announced a 23 year old from Enfield has been arrested on suspicion of causing damage to property or people. No further details have been given regarding the explosion or the suspect. So either the 23 year old was playing with a battery which caused it to malfunction or the story regarding the battery was not true.

1PM update Wednesay

The 23 year old has been released whilst under investigation. It is being said that it was a “faulty drill battery” that exploded. This has not been officially confirmed as yet.

Thursday update

So, 2 days on and we’ve had conflicting stories where it was definitely not suspicious to someone being arrested and released. The liklihood is that nothing will be mentioned until it is forgotten about. If the 23 year old from Enfield was a white male, we’d know by now, regardless of any subsequent innocence. Until we know the exact details, people will speculate and think the worst, which 9 times out of 10 now, is the truth.

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